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Guy with Guitar

Science Proves That Guys Who Play Guitar Really Are Sexier

Guitar players have known it ever since they first picked one up. Strapping on that axe makes you suddenly much more interesting and appealing to women. One of our active contributors, Sharif Jameel, is a guitar player and has seen his fair share of interested women after his moments on the stage. This article from elle.com.au has all the details. Read More →

Aaron Hernandez Illuminati

Aaron Hernandez Drew Illuminati Symbols on Prison Cell Wall in His Own Blood

ZestyThings readers and authors are very familiar with the stories and conspiracies surrounding the enigmatic Illuminati. In one of the latest cases, it turns out that there were Illuminati symbols found in Aaron Hernandez’s prison cell written in his own bloodHernandez was a tight end in the NFL who’s career was ended when he was arrested for murder. Read More →