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Guy with Guitar

Science Proves That Guys Who Play Guitar Really Are Sexier

Guitar players have known it ever since they first picked one up. Strapping on that axe makes you suddenly much more interesting and appealing to women. One of our active contributors, Sharif Jameel, is a guitar player and has seen his fair share of interested women after his moments on the stage. This article from elle.com.au has all the details. Read More →

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis: My Experience With The Scariest Sleep Disorder

Although I remember a lot of specific instances of sleep paralysis going back to my early teens, I can’t remember exactly the first time that it happened. I wake up in the middle of the night still in my bed suddenly aware of some shadowy malevolent presence coming towards me, normally from the door to the bedroom. It’s not a full wake, more like a fog, and I can’t move or speak. Read More →

Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization: Legal Weed Opposition Groups That Might Surprise You

We all know that there are plenty of opposition forces to the movement for marijuana legalization. As full legalization looms, opposition becomes louder. There are plenty of companies and organizations that stand to lose jobs and money if cannabis consumption becomes nationally decriminalized. The most interesting part however, are the organizations that have kept quiet up until now. These are the groups nobody thinks about, the ones that profit from the war on drugs and don’t want you to know about it. Read More →

Wonder Woman Armpits

Wonder Woman’s Lack of Armpit Hair – Are We Really Talking About This?

I know I’ll probably catch some flak for this post but you know what? I don’t freaking care. I keep seeing articles all over social media about how feminists are having some heated debate about the new Wonder Woman and her lack of armpit hair. Before I address how I feel about this, I first need to get something else out of the way… Read More →