No, China Did Not Admit That Aliens are Real

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I’ve been seeing these articles pop up on Facebook pretty regularly among UFO groups. Even one was reposted on this site a while back. The articles tend to have a title indicating the Chinese government has officially disclosed the existence of Aliens. There’s also a popular one claiming the the Chinese government announced the existence of alien bases or mining factories on the moon. These stories are rubbish. The articles are pure clickbait.

Each time I read one of these stories I find the same pattern. It’s never a government official saying that Aliens are real. In most cases it’s a UFO researcher who happens to do their research in China. The UFO researchers may be speaking in a government forum, but their views don’t represent the views of the government.

The UFO Community Destroying Its Own Credibility – One Share at a Time

These stories aren’t necessarily fake and furthermore, the articles might even document real events or discussions.  The problem is the presentation of a headline which promises something the facts can’t deliver. The misleading headlines are bad enough by themselves. The bigger problem is that the UFO community eats these up and shares them on social media like a 19th century cowboy emptying both pistols into the air.

The majority of people who share news stories on the Internet never actually read them. In fact, one study found that 70% of Facebook users shared news stories based on the headline alone without ever reading the content of the article.

Ad Revenue: Authors Just Want You To Load the Page

See those links right above the heading for this section? Those are ads and the owner of this site makes a tiny bit of money every time you see them. They might make a little bit more if you actually click on one of them. Getting lots of shares on social media is a sure fire way to make sure that your articles get viewed. Views are important because that’s how you get credit for displaying your ads to real human beings. As a result, article publishers who rely on ad revenue will entice people to visit their site and get served their ads. Websites about aliens and disclosure need to provide a compelling reason for potential readers to click. In many cases, that compelling reason is by making a headline that lends itself to lots of shares even if the content doesn’t support the headline.

What Has the Chinese Government Said About Aliens?

Actually, they haven’t said much. The Chinese government has not admitted that aliens exist and no Chinese government official has. Consequently, if they already knew, then they wouldn’t have built this 500 meter telescope to try to prove it. There are probably aliens out there somewhere, but don’t let your desire for disclosure cloud your judgement. Don’t share an article just because a headline says what you want it to say. You could be doing more harm than good to the community of people who are objectively searching for the truth.

Chinese Telescope
Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope, or FAST, in Guizhou Province, is roughly twice as sensitive as the world’s next-biggest single-dish radio telescope | Image Credit: Liu Xu/Xinhua, via Associated Press

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