Illuminati Scammers – A Collection of Spam Part 2


Welcome to Part 2 of our Illuminati Scammers series! You can read Part I here.

This site has quite a few articles and references to The Illuminati, so it makes sense that many Google searches for information related to them point right here to What I find interesting is that every couple days I’ll get a new registrant on the website who tries to submit a comment on an article claiming to be a member of the Illuminati trying to get people to join (for a ‘fee’ probably) and they promise to make you famous and give you vast sums of money, fame, & power. Clearly many of the Illuminati scammers are not native English speakers and we’ve kept them exactly as they are – spelling errors and all!

Disclaimer: This site is 100% absolutely NOT RESPONSIBLE if you contact any of these scammers and get scammed. We’re only reposting their information because it’s funny and it would be a shame if someone pranked them…

This Same Comment Got Dropped into the Site in 3 Different Places Simultaneously

This is a great temple of the Illuminati
were you find, riches, power and fame,
are you a business man or woman, are
you a pastor or politicians or a lecturer,
are you a student or graduate, who so
ever you are in all over the world dose
not matter to us, what matter a lot to
us is to see you happy and rich, we are
giving you the chance here to be what
so ever you want to be in life, join the
Illuminati secret brothers hood and get
all you need in life, we offer every thing
you need in life, if you are really ready
to make it in life is better you join us
How to Join Illuminati and become rich
and famous!
How to Join Illuminati in united
How to Join Illuminati in united states
How to Join Illuminati in South Africa
How to Join Illuminati in Canada
How to Join Illuminati in Germany
How to JIlluminati in Malaysia
How to Join Illuminati in Italy
How to Join Illuminati in Australia
How to Join Illuminati in Belize
How to Join Illuminati in Nigeria
How to Join Illuminati in Jamaica
How to Join Illuminati and become Rich
How to Join Illuminati and have all you
want: in life join the Illuminati any were
you are In the world today kindly email
us now so that we can proceed with
your request from our temple, contact
us through this
or call our head office in UK
(+447013977835 or whatsapp on this number +2347052744530

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    Same Author, New Pitch

    Join the great fatality cult today call>
    +2349033255083, Illuminati head office post, I am agent
    Smith,A fully Agent of this fatality,i have been giving the
    privilege to initiate and to register you has a full
    brotherhood,you that are reading this post you are been
    chose by the grand master. HEAD OFFICE CONTACT:
    +447031977835 Joining this brotherhood bring you into
    eternal control of wealth.famous,powerful and protection.
    JOINING CALL/ WHATSAPP:+2349033255083 Joining this
    fatality cult,don’t required money for illuminati registration
    form or illuminati membership,be aware on that,why I
    am telling you this is because there are mean fraudster and
    scammer online today that is using the comment of us to
    archives,that is why this united kingdom contact are put
    here has a prove has a member +447031977835,if you don’t
    see this number that start with +44 on this comment that
    mean fraudster has copy from us the real illuminati,don’t
    contact him,be aware. NOTE THIS:before obtain or purchase
    any items you are advise to contact the head office which is
    United kingdom,don’t called nigeria number has head office
    that will be lie,call +447031977835,don’t pay any money for
    registration form or membership card,if you do that mean
    you are fraud by scammer,you are wear not too do so,
    INFORMATION:for you to join reach us on this information
    here,they are our contact,and this contact contain united
    kingdom of the head office,the agent smith email and agent
    smith nigeria contact,if you are willing to join call mr smith
    on is nigeria contact:+2349033255083 to conform if is real
    call the head office contact that start with +44 be aware for
    those that use smith contact,before any process conform if
    you are speaking with white smith. CONTACT DETAILS:E Head
    office In UK contact: +447031977835 Agent smith contact:
    +2349033255083 Don’t folly into wrong agent,conform first
    before proceed at +447031977835……………

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      Someone Could Benefit from Spell Check

      Illuminati, Hello Good People Of The World, Is
      business man or an artist, a politician, a
      pastor and you want to be rich, high power,
      and famous in the world, joins us live
      official member of the Illuminati today
      offer valid after initiation sum
      20 million not be a target
      opportunity to visit the Illuminati
      representative after registrations is completed
      you, not sacrifice, or human life needed, Illuminati
      Brotherhood brought wealth and fame
      life, you have full access to eradicate poverty
      of life now. is the only member of the
      It was initiated into the Illuminati
      ability to carry a wide Illuminati,
      So before you contact any body you must be link
      they have a flexible, Join us today and
      dream. and we help out our
      m, to protect drug pushing, once you
      m will be rich and famous
      and the other for the rest of your life, Illuminati
      there m so happy I want you all
      to be a member of the Illuminati Thanks.
      Good number are on top today and you get
      dreams come true.BENEFITS GIVEN TO NEW
      Members who join Illuminati. (1). In Cash
      Results 20,000,000,00 pounds, (2). A New
      Fine Dream CAR valued at 120,000 pounds, (3).
      A Dream House bought in
      own choice of one month holiday (fully paid)
      dream tourist destination. (4). One year Golf
      Membership package (5). A V.I.P treatment at all
      Airports in the world (6). A total Salon change
      Access to bohemian Grove Monthly payment
      10,000,000 pounds in the bank account
      monthly. (7). As a member of One Month
      similar commitment Top 5 world leaders
      Top 5 Celebrities World.If
      Is interested … call us or whatsapp
      +2349064844957 or email (


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