Black Knight Satellite
Black Knight Satellite Conspiracy Theory
A NASA photo that is claimed to be of a piece of orbiting space junk is thought by conspiracy theorists Read more.
Stones of the First Encounter Ancient Aliens
Stones of the First Encounter: Carvings of Aliens in Mexico
What if someone found stone tablets engraved with alien images? Images that were so obviously extraterrestrial, there was no way Read more.
The Best Images of Area 51 by UFO Seekers
Of the extensive number of stories about UFOs and alien sightings that have fueled conspiracy theories during the twentieth century, Read more.
Is this the BEST image of a UFO?
It is hailed as the most spectacular image of a flying saucer ever captured. This incredible—yet bizarre—image is hailed by Read more.
Ancient Astronauts: Aliens & UFOs in 10,000 Year-Old Cave Paintings
Going back no less than 10,000 years, the perplexing cave painting found in India depict humans, creatures, and regular day to Read more.
NASA accidentally shows PROOF of Large-Scale Weather Manipulation in satellite images
Is this an enormous connivance? Or, then again is it conceivable that NASA truly is playing around with our climate Read more.
Planet X Returning to Destroy Earth? (Spoiler Alert – No)
Planet X might be genuine—researchers say there presumably is a monster “missing” planet in a long circle around our sun. Read more.
The Aurora Incident: 50 years before Roswell, a massive UFO crashed near Dallas
The Aurora Incident: UFO Crash 50 Years Before Roswell
It is trusted that on April 9, 1897, a unidentified flying item smashed in the town of Aurora, only outside Read more.
Declassified CIA Documents Indicate Hitler May Have Escaped Germany
The declassified CIA documents show that in 1955 an American espionage informant claimed to have met with Adolf Hitler in Read more.
Military Swamped Beach After UFO sightings in new ‘British Roswell’
A UFO sighting case knows as the Wilsthorpe Incident is continuously under investigation after many people who witnessed to the Read more.
Chinese Scientists Build NASA’s ‘Impossible Engine’
No Fuel – 10 Weeks to Mars The fuel-less EmDrive motor has the capacity to take people to the planet Read more.
hurricane ufo sightings nebraska supercell storm
Hurricane UFO Sightings: UFOs & Extreme Weather
Earthling Interest in Alien Weather Patterns This hurricane season seems to be bringing an onslaught of major storms. As Texas Read more.
Retired Air Force Engineer Says Secret Ohio Base Contains UFOs, Alien Technology, and ALIENS
Alright, disregard Area 51, and meet the mystery Air Force base in Ohio that as per a man who worked Read more.
Oval shaped building in Antarctica
Did Nazi Germany Have Alien Technology?
Towards the end of World War II, Nazi Germany was on the cutting edge of technological advancement. They developed rockets Read more.
cattle mutilation aliens ufos
UFO Community Credibility: Eroding Itself With Every Share
I’m a big fan of unexplained phenomena: aliens, UFOs, Bigfoot, you name it. I’ve been interested in these topics since Read more.
Black Pyramid Giza
Ancient Texts Reveal a BLACK Pyramid is Missing at the Giza Plateau
According to a Danish naval captain and explorer, there was a fourth BLACK PYRAMID at Giza, which made the already Read more.
Chinese Flag
No, China Did Not Admit That Aliens are Real
I’ve been seeing these articles pop up on Facebook pretty regularly among UFO groups. Even one was reposted on this Read more.
Mars Ancient Civilization
Did Ancient Mars Host an Alien Civilization? US Congressman Asks NASA Panel (Video)
Is It Possible That Ancient Mars Was Host To An Alien Civilization? This is exactly the question that Rep. Dana Read more.
Illuminati Scammer All Seeing Eye
Illuminati Scammers – A Collection of Spam Part 3
Welcome to Part 3 of our Illuminati Scammers series! You can read Part I here. This site has quite a Read more.
Gulf of Mexico UFO
UFO Sighting in The Gulf of Mexico: March 21, 2017
Do you believe in UFO sightings? Do you think they are real or just a bunch of made up stories? Read more.
UFO UFOs Alien Area 51 Dreamland S-4
Secrets of Area 51 & Dreamland – UFOs & Aliens
Dreamland has been recognized as the code name used pertaining to Area 51. It is the “secret” military base that Read more.
UFO in Woods
British Government Will Release Its Secret UFO Files
50 years of collected UFO data and activity held by the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) is being published after Read more.
HAARP: The Military’s Pandora’s Box
This article was prepared to provide a summary of the contents of a book written in 1995 which describes an Read more.
UFO Sightings Hit All-Time High
UFOs are visiting at all-time highs, according to new statistics, which say that sightings are most common in the U.S. Read more.
Aaron Hernandez Illuminati
Aaron Hernandez Drew Illuminati Symbols on Prison Cell Wall in His Own Blood
ZestyThings readers and authors are very familiar with the stories and conspiracies surrounding the enigmatic Illuminati. In one of the Read more.
Neil deGrasse Tyson Aliens
Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Aliens Might Find Humans Too Stupid to Contact
Are humans so dumb that aliens have written us off? Celebrated astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson seems to think that may Read more.
Majestic 12 Forbidden Story
Majestic 12: Forbidden Story
In UFO conspiracy theories, Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) is the code name of an alleged secret committee of scientists, military Read more.
Will we know alien life when we see it
Recognizing The Unknown: Will We Know Alien Life When We See It?
One of the potential explanations to the Fermi Paradox is that perhaps aliens are around, but we’ve failed to recognize Read more.
Alien Creator Ridley Scott: “Aliens Are Out There and One Day They’ll Come For Us”
Alien creator Ridley Scott has said that he is convinced that there are extra-terrestrials out there – and one day Read more.
Space Rock
NASA Will Explore a Metal Space Rock Worth $10,000,000 Trillion
NASA is setting its sights on a large, metal asteroid orbiting the sun between Mars and Jupiter. The U.S. space Read more.
Illuminati Scammer All Seeing Eye
Illuminati Scammers – A Collection of Spam Part 2
Welcome to Part 2 of our Illuminati Scammers series! You can read Part I here. This site has quite a Read more.
Old Crop Circle Crop Circles
Crop Circles: Not A Modern Phenomena
Many people are only aware of the Crop Circle phenomenon when it hit the media in the 80’s. What most of them Read more.
Did The CIA & Russian Government Confirm Extraterrestrial Activity on Our Planet?
One of the things that continuously provides credit to the UFO community when it comes to alien visitation are the Read more.
Illuminati Scammer All Seeing Eye
Illuminati Scammers – A Collection of Spam Part 1
This site has quite a few articles and references to The Illuminati, so it makes sense that many Google searches for Read more.
MIB Entering Hotel Lobby Men in Black
Men in Black Investigation UFO Sighting Over Niagara Falls – Is It Real?
For many people, the infamous Men In Black were created for the 1997 Oscar winning movie of the same name. Read more.
Barack Obama UFO Disclosure Alien Gray
UFO Disclosure: World Leaders Talking About Aliens & UFOs (Video)
Sometimes I feel like all the talk about UFO disclosure is kind of like all those different cults who say Read more.
Gerry Battles
‘I Was Abducted by Aliens’ | Retired Carpenter Says He Was Taken After Going Out For Christmas Drinks
Some alien abduction stories are more hard to believe than others. Gerry Battles of of Limerick, Ireland claims that he was Read more.
UFO Spain Declassified
Spain Declassifies 1900 Pages of Top-Secret UFO Reports (Video)
The Spanish Ministry of Defense recently declassified 80 reports of alleged UFO sightings that took place between 1962 and 1995. Read more.
Ancient Nanostructures Ural Mountains
Ooparts: Ancient Nanostructures in Ural Mountains
The Ural Mountains are home to an interesting set of artifacts that appear to suggest humans (or something else) had Read more.
Negative Ions Ion Therapy Waterfall
Bohemian Grove: New World Order or Just Rich Dudes Looking for Privacy?
20601 Bohemian Avenue, Monte Rio, CA. This is the official address of Bohemian Grove, a campground owned by a men’s Read more.
CIA Seal CIA Documents
CIA Documents: Ten Weird Documents in the CIA’s Online FOIA Archives
In January of 2017, the CIA declassified 12 million pages worth of documents and uploaded them to an online database. Read more.
Moon UFO Buzz Aldrin UFOs
Buzz Aldrin Speaks About Seeing UFOs on the Moon
The concept of an alien moon base isn’t new. There are plenty of documentaries around that show grainy pictures and Read more.
netflix alien documentaries
The Definitive Ranking of Netflix’s Alien Documentaries
Deep in the chasm of Netflix lies a subcategory for the inquisitive and likely stoned, titled “alien and UFO documentaries.” Read more.
California UFO
ABC News: A UFO Hovering Over a Historical Barn in San Diego, California
California is no stranger to UFO sightings. Ellen Henry of San Diego captured photos of what appears to be a Read more.
Aliens UFO Alien UFOs
Do Aliens Exist? A Classical Exploration of the Possibilities
Frank Drake, in the early 1960s, came up with an equation (called the “Drake Equation”) that calculated the possibility of Read more.
Trump Moon
Trump’s Advisers Want to Return Humans to the Moon in Three Years
The plan could dramatically shift the mission of the space agency, prioritizing low-Earth orbit activity over distant exploration. The Obama Read more.
Human Origins
Everything We Have Been Taught About Human Origins is a Lie
These days it seems everyone on the Internet who presents an idea or hypothesis on anything from human origins to Read more.
‘Ancient pyramid’ discovery key to Nikola Tesla’s communication with aliens, says expert
This article originally appeared on March 2017 THE “discoverer” of the world’s most ancient pyramids claims to have found Read more.
Aveley Alien Abduction
The Aveley Alien Abduction: UFOs Above Our Essex Country Lanes
The Aveley Alien Abduction article originally appeared on July 2015 [The following information is sourced largely from renowned British Read more.
Alien Abduction
Don’t Be Alarmed if You Can’t Remember – Signs You’ve Been Abducted by Aliens
This article originally appeared at I don’t want to alarm anyone, but did you know that there have been Read more.
Fermi Paradox Aliens
The Fermi Paradox – Where is Everybody?
Physicist Enrico Fermi often wondered why we haven’t definitively seen, heard, or been visited by another intelligent civilization. Taking into account the Read more.
Illuminati Members 2017 Donald Trump
Illuminati Members 2017 – Not So Secret Affiliates
Founded in 1776 on May 1st by Adam Weishaupt, the Bavarian Illuminati was a secret society that embraced secularism and opposed Read more.
Illuminati Signs: Common Hand Symbols of Illuminati Members
Celebrities, wealthy families, businessmen, and powerful politicians are all known to frequently flash Illuminati signs. If the Illuminati truly exists, Read more.
Does The Illuminati Control the Weather? The HAARP Conspiracy
The Illuminati are believed by many to be involved in many worldwide government and military operations. One of those allegations Read more.
The Loch Raven UFO History: Loch Raven Reservoir
Just north of Baltimore, the Loch Raven Reservoir is a popular destination for Maryland residents seeking a place to enjoy the Read more.
I Was In The Illuminati, I’m Going To Tell You Everything
We’ve referred to this chunk of text in our articles about The Illuminati very frequently however many of the reference Read more.
illuminati members pyramid ancient egypt masonic
Illuminati Members in the World: Alleged Affiliates & Constituents
The Internet is ripe with conspiracy theories and stories regarding the mysterious Illuminati. The range of alleged Illuminati members covers all walks Read more.
Mysterious Sealed & Untouched Chambers Discovered in Ancient Aztec Ruins of Tenochtitlan
This article on Tenochtitlan originally appeared on April 2016 The date was 1497 and the emperor, Ahuitzotl, stood in Read more.
Jim Vieira – Banned TEDx Talk Grants Unexpected Credibility
Before he had his own series on The History Channel, Jim Vieira was a relatively unknown researcher studying ancient mounds Read more.
Illuminati Members 2017 Barrak Obama President Obama
A Former Member of The Illuminati Tells All… Really?
Facts Regarding The Illuminati Founded in 1776 on May 1st by Adam Weishaupt, the Bavarian Illuminati was a secret society Read more.
China Alien Moon Base
China Reveals That a Massive Alien Outpost and Mining Facility is Operating on the Moon
This article originally appeared at April 2016 Ever wondered why no one has set foot on the Moon for decades? And Read more.
Valley of Mega Pyramids Europe Sam Osmanagich
Valley of Ancient Mega Pyramids Unearthed in Europe
This article originally appeared at October 2015 FORGET Egypt – an incredible valley of ancient mega pyramids has been discovered Read more.