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Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis: My Experience With The Scariest Sleep Disorder

Although I remember a lot of specific instances of sleep paralysis going back to my early teens, I can’t remember exactly the first time that it happened. I wake up in the middle of the night still in my bed suddenly aware of some shadowy malevolent presence coming towards me, normally from the door to the bedroom. It’s not a full wake, more like a fog, and I can’t move or speak. Read More →

Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization: Legal Weed Opposition Groups That Might Surprise You

We all know that there are plenty of opposition forces to the movement for marijuana legalization. As full legalization looms, opposition becomes louder. There are plenty of companies and organizations that stand to lose jobs and money if cannabis consumption becomes nationally decriminalized. The most interesting part however, are the organizations that have kept quiet up until now. These are the groups nobody thinks about, the ones that profit from the war on drugs and don’t want you to know about it. Read More →

Netagive Ion Therapy Waterfall

Negative Ion Therapy: Are Negative Ions a Legitimate Treatment or Just Medical Quackery?

Midway through 1999, Americans got their first taste of ionic technology when high-tech retail giant, The Sharper Image, launched its Ionic Breeze line of air purifiers. Although The Sharper Image never pushed the device based on its output of negative ions, the implication was quite clear: using electronic filtering added something to the air that was supposed to make you feel good. Incidentally, the Ionic Breeze also added ozone to the air which deteriorates indoor air quality. The product line ultimately ended up heralding the downfall of The Sharper Image which filed for bankruptcy in 2008. Read More →

Medical Tattoos Increase Self Esteem

A study by Dutch doctors recently suggested that people who get tattoos to cover scars and skin grafts typically feel happier with their quality of life and appearance lending credibility to the notion that tattoos can be good for your mental health. Though the technique isn’t new, the study results may provide the data required for a patient to convince their health insurers to cover qualified treatments under the category of mental health instead of elective cosmetic procedures which are normally not covered. Read More →