writing paper pen MeditationSleepStress

5 Effective Ways to Start a Day with a Productive Mindset

Guest writer Jenine Wing provides some tips on how to begin your day ready to get things done.

self-sabotage ambivalence Mental HealthTherapy

Why People Self-Sabotage

Self-sabotage is a real thing that people do to themselves all the time. Here are some other truths about self-sabotage and why people engage in it.

gift ideas ChristmasGiftsHolidays

The Holiday Season is Here – 13 Awesome Gift Ideas

Here are some great gift ideas for when you’re running out of things to buy for your loved ones.

smartphone iphone apple iPhone

5 Excellent Ways to Disinfect that Filthy Phone of Yours

Our smartphones are super dirty. Here are some tips on keeping it clean and germ-free.

house home MoneyPersonal Finance

Renting vs. Buying a Home: 5 Points to Consider When Weighing Which Is Better

Guest writer Derek Lotts goes over some important considerations to take in to account when looking for a new home.


8 of the Most Insane Recliners You’ll Love in 2019

Here’s a great selection of recliners you’ll love!

vegetables tomato carrot cabbage radish turnip DietVegan

Go Vegan: 4 Simple Reasons Going Vegan May be Right for You

If you’ve thought about going vegan, here are a few reasons it could be a good idea.

alone on pier Marriage

How to Rightfully Deal with Resentment in Your Marriage

Resentment in marriage isn’t uncommon, but how you deal with it determines the health of your relationship.


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