5 Ways to Relieve Stress Before Your Big Day

Last updated on July 4th, 2024 at 09:36 pm

Getting ready for your wedding can be one of the most stressful times of your life - here's how to cope.

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Your wedding is an exciting time, but while you may be excited for your big day, it’s also natural to feel a little anxious and stressed. After all, weddings take a lot of time and effort, and they can sometimes lead to family disagreements and other issues. That’s why it’s important to take time to relax in the run up to your big day, so here are some ideas to help you relieve stress.

Get Some Gentle Exercise

Many brides up the amount of exercise they do to help fit into their dress and ensure they look their best, but in addition to your usual exercise routine, try some activities that help you relax such as:

Not only are these exercises relaxing, but they can also help with toning. For example, swimming helps tone every major muscle group, so if you are going to be wearing a strapless or backless wedding dress, it’s the ideal exercise and will leave you feeling relaxed after a long gym session.

Take the Right Supplements

There are many different supplements that offer natural ways to beat stress. Perhaps one of the most popular ones in recent years has been CBD, also known as cannabidiol. CBD can help you relax and can be taken in a range of different ways, from drops to pills. It’s easy to buy CBD online, and the effects usually kick in within about 15 minutes, so they are handy for when you know you have something stressful coming up such as a dress fitting or meeting with a supplier.

Herbal tea
Herbal tea is a great way to help alleviate anxiety.

Swap Caffeine for Herbal Tea

If you have a hard day ahead, it’s tempting to grab a coffee when you’re out and about. However, caffeine raises your heart rate, which means you can end up feeling much more stressed and even become ill. Swap caffeine-filled drinks for herbal tea and you will feel more relaxed throughout the day and have fewer post-coffee crashes.

Get Plenty of Sleep

It’s not always easy to sleep in the lead up to your big day. You’ll often get lots of e-mails from suppliers or guests, constantly checking the weather report, or generally starting to worry about the little details late at night.  That’s why it’s a good idea to banish your cellphone from your bedroom, as it’ll stop you obsessing about the wedding and help you sleep at night. A long hot bath and warm drink can help you get ready for bed too.

Spend Time with Loved Ones Without Wedding Talk

Some brides can get a little obsessive about talking about their wedding, especially as the big day gets closer. However, this robs you of fun time with family and friends, as you end up simply talking about wedding details and don’t have time to laugh or simply enjoy each other’s company. Try to spend wedding talk-free time with loved ones, especially your fiancé, as you’ll feel much more relaxed and happier afterwards.


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