Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

50 Websites to Waste Time On

50 websites that can help you get out of your Internet rut and find something new. Waste time with everything from useful, to funny, to relaxing.


Photo by Jessy Smith on Unsplash

If you’re bored with sitting on Facebook or Twitter waiting for something interesting to pop, here’s a random list of 50 websites that you can spend hours or just waste time on. There’s something for everyone on the Internet

  1. Rainy Mood

  2. Trolino

  3. This Is Why I’m Broke

  4. Find the Invisible Cow

  5. Hacker Typer

  6. Shut Up And Take My Money

  7. Staggering Beauty

  8. Sanger

  9. Cat Bounce

  10. Wait But Why

  11. I Love You Like a Fat Lady Loves Apples

  12. Acrobots

  13. I Waste So Much Time

  14. Line

  15. Flame Painter

  16. Draw a Stick Man

  17. Addicting Games

  18. The Useless Web

  19. StumbleUpon

  20. Hey…

  21. College Humor

  22. XKCD

  23. Drum Kit

  24. Don’t Even Reply

  25. Astronomy Picture of the Day

  26. Sleepy Time

  27. Weave Silk

  28. This is Sand

  29. Lifehacker

  30. Instructables

  31. Damn You Autocorrect

  32. Failblog

  33. Passive-aggressive Notes

  34. There I Fixed It

  35. Eel Slap

  36. Home Edit

  37. Where Cool Things Happen

  38. The Chive

  39. Attack of the Cute

  40. Zerg Net

  41. Bro Tips

  42. People of Walmart

  43. Distractify

  44. List Verse

  45. Wonder How To

  46. Console Living Room

  47. The Onion

  48. Useful Science

  49. US Debt Clock

  50. Google Feud

Additional Websites to Waste Time On

We’re looking at you, our dear readers, to give us new ideas for great websites. Help us grow this list beyond 50!

Tell us some of your favorite websites for wasting time by hitting us up at [email protected].

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