7 Remodeling Tips for an Easy-to-Clean Home

Last updated on July 4th, 2024 at 09:36 pm

When remodeling, it's important to takes steps to prevent the construction process from turning your home into a dust pit.

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Recently, there has been an increase in home investments and renovations in Australia. Statistics show that in 2013. over 7.5 million Australians did some home remodeling while in 2016 that number increased to 8.4 million. Why do people go through all the trouble with remodeling? Well, there are a few reasons. Many people plan to sell their homes in the future and they want to upgrade some features in order to raise the value of their home. And some small changes and upgrades can raise the value quite a lot! On the other hand, some people want to improve their home and make it more to their appeal, as they don’t want to or can’t sell it. Whatever the reason, remodeling can be quite a messy process.

While remodeling means some exciting changes around your home, it also means a lot of mess, dust, and debris. The key is in knowing how to deal with these issues promptly. With these tips and tricks, keep your home clean while remodeling.

1. Remove the Furniture

The first step when remodeling is to move all the furniture out of the room. It’s important to remove everything starting from the furniture and including decorations, clothing items, paintings, and so on. The area that’s under construction should be as bare as possible.

This helps prevent any accidental damage or destruction as well as getting dust and dirt on the things. When you remove everything you can, you can easily paint the walls or change your flooring, without being concerned about whether the paint will damage something in the room.

2. Make Sure You Cover up What’s Left

However, you can’t move everything. Perhaps there is some large and heavy furniture that must be left in the room. But that’s not a problem either. You can cover up the things that are left and make sure they’re not damaged in the process of remodeling. It is best to use plastic. It prevents dust and debris from getting into the cracks and it also preserves the finish of the furniture.

3. Isolate the Working Area

In order to prevent dust and dirt from getting around the whole house, it’s best to isolate the working area. Depending on the type of work done, there are a few ways to isolate the area. For example, you can put up plastic sheeting over doors to prevent the dust from spreading around to other rooms of the house. In case of some extensive remodeling work such as changing of flooring or windows, you can also use heavier plastic tarps or even thick plastic flaps.

Cleaning with a brush

4. Clean the Area Daily

In order to prevent dirt and dust from piling up, it is best to do the regular clean up on a daily basis. After the remodel has been completely finished, many people opt for hiring a cleaning service in Sydney to do a thorough clean up. This is necessary as they are able to remove all the dirt and dust as well as bacteria lying around. After this kind of professional clean up, you are left with a new, spotless home.

5. Ventilate

If you have the opportunity, you should ventilate the area under construction. It has plenty of benefits. First of all, it provides adequate ventilation to the room and second, it prevents dust particles from getting caught in the mesh of the window screens.

6. Make Custom Paths

If the construction takes place in the inner part of your home or it’s away from the front door, you can protect the rest of your home by building a custom path of heavy canvas tarps. In that way, mud and dust are not dragged around the house. After each day, shake off the tarps outside and put them back the next day.

7. Vacuum First, Then Dust

If you notice too much dust in the working area, use the vacuum first and dust later. It prevents the floors or furniture from getting scratched later.

If you approach the whole process of renovation with caution and a detailed plan, you are sure to go through the whole process with quite an ease.


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