Tue. Dec 11th, 2018

Arrival: Movie Review – Old Ideas Revisited | BDSC

This post originally appeared on The Black Diamond Social Club February 2017

While writing my upcoming post on UFOs and aliens (Resource Scavengers), I felt the need to review this piece of cr… the bland and unoriginal movie known as Arrival. Don’t get me wrong I was digging it along the way, it was a decent little ride with good visuals, solid acting and did a nice job of playing with the timeline and chain of events to make for interesting character development. Where the wheels fell off was in the resolution, the ending, falling into the “aliens are friendly creatures just here to help us” trap. It’s a played out theme. Of course, the director chose the oh so cerebral route with big scary creatures, heavy atmosphere and stoic faces to build tension, leading you to believe those creatures behind the glass could reach out at any moment and eat you.

But then BOOM, just kidding! these are friendly little things just here to teach us to communicate with a “cant we all just get along” message. I have even seen some reviews praising its message, encouraging viewers to swallow the get along message. Well I don’t buy it. Read the full review…

Perry Jones

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