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Cyber Security for Small Business (eBook)

Practicing good cyber security can be a mountain for small businesses to climb. There are, however, some things you can do to protect yourself on a near $0 budget.


How To Keep Your Phone From Dying So Fast

Writer John Hawthorn provides some important and effective advice on how to make your phone’s battery last longer. Read these tips… or maybe just use your phone a little less.

James Veitch YouTube

James Veitch is the Scam Email Superhero We Need

Comedian James Veitch has a compelling reason why people should respond to email scammers. Yes it can have some funny results, but it also helps protect the most vulnerable people from these scumbags.


How To Connect to Dropbox Over FTP

Dropbox doesn’t offer a way to connect to your cloud storage via FTP. The guys over at CGS Computers have a nifty little workaround for that though.

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