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Why I Stopped Watching The History Channel

Zesty Things contributor and technical guru, Sharif Jameel, talks about why he stopped watching The History Channel and now opts for more ‘sophisticated’ programming choices.

Solar System Model

Exactly How Big is The Solar System? (Video)

It’s damn near impossible to put the size of the solar system into perspective. Even when scaled down, things get huge so fast that it’s we lose the ability to wrap our brains around the vast distances involved.

How to Create an NFS Share in Linux Mint

Using an old computer and installing Linux Mint for free gives you a load of options. One of those is to create NFS shares you can access from any other computer in the house.

Zen stones with frangipani

How to Stop Sleep Paralysis With Feng Shui

Zesty Things contributor and technical guru Sharif Jameel talks about his personal techniques that he uses to help prevent sleep paralysis (which he has had since he was a teenager).

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