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Scared woman covering eyes with hands, see no evil
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Scared woman covering eyes with hands, see no evil

Life Post-Snowden – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Few figures in technology are as controversial as Edward Snowden. Traitor? Patriot? Whistleblower? Regardless of your feelings about the man, it’s undeniable that he ushered in a new era of digital privacy concerns that affect the entire world.

Laughing bearded man holding hair and laughing

Twitter Stitches: The Funniest Tweets of This Week

Twitter is usually good for a laugh. Here are some of this week’s tweets likely to leave you in stitches. Kirby’s Super Power Suicide Kirby… #dankmemes #memes #dailymemes pic.twitter.com/L4oJZWDRQe — Mr.Memes (@MrMemes35217305) November 16, 2018 Bet You Can’t Watch This Only Once Me giving my love then getting my heart broken #comedy #Memes pic.twitter.com/zcr6EOrfgP —

Woman lies in bed and eats sweets, depression

Sugar Cravings – Why We Crave Sweets and How to Stop It

Humans crave sugar for a variety of reasons. In ancient times, sugar was a relative rarity and was found mainly in fruits that contained essential vitamins and nutrients. Chasing sugar was a matter of survival. Today, the tables are turned.

Inked YouTube Channel Tattoos

The Worst Things to Say to a Tattoo Artist (Video)

For one, don’t ask for free work. Tattoo artists hate that – in fact, all artists hate that. Their work and their craft take years to perfect. But there are a handful of other things you can say that’ll set them off as well.

Different Fruits and Berries

What is the Best “Diet Plan” For You?

If you’re one of the 45 million people who plan to diet each and every year, this is for you. Finding a diet plan that you can stick with and maintain forever is the key.

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