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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic doesn’t just keep the vampires away, it also might ward off cancer and help maintain a healthy blood sugar level – both of which are more important than vampires.


5 Incredible Health Benefits of Eggs

Eggs got a bad rap for years, but things have turned around. Today eggs are known as they should be – a power food loaded with all kinds of healthy stuff.

Natural Coconut Oil

High-Fat Foods You Should Be Eating | BDSC

Personal trainer and writer for Black Diamond Social Club, Brooke Bailey, talks about high fat foods that you should be adding to your diet if they aren’t in it already.

Concentrated handsome businessman drinking coffee.

The Health Benefits of Coffee | BDSC

Coffee might be known for its caffeine content, but did you know it has some serious health benefits? There’s more than caffeine in that cup.

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