Declassified CIA Documents Indicate Hitler May Have Escaped Germany

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Over the years, many CIA documents have been declassified. Some of these documents are not very serious, and others could potentially change the very history we’ve come to know. It seems that a collection of declassified CIA records appear to affirm the credibility of some FBI documents with respect to Adolf Hitler which indicate that the Nazi leader got away securely from Germany after the fall of the Nazi domain, and fled to South America.

The idea that Adolf Hitler escaped from Germany after the fall of the Third Reich is not new. The History Channel devoted an entire series on the subject. While most evidence just seemed to involve nothing more than gossip and eyewitness accounts, the CIA documents may lend some credibility to the theory. Declassified CIA records claim that in 1955 an American surveillance witness asserted to have met with Adolf Hitler in Colombia and as confirmation furnished pictures of himself with the Fuehrer over 10 years after his alleged suicide.

The arrangement of reports shows how in 1955, the Western Hemisphere Division of the Central Intelligence Agency got a mystery paper titled “Operational: Adolf Hitler,” from the acting CIA station boss in Venezuela. The reported called attention to that one of his sources got a tip that Hitler was fit as a fiddle in Argentina.

This, be that as it may, wasn’t the first run through such claims were made. The CIA tips just appeared to credible conclusions drawn for before FBI archives that additionally guaranteed various ‘best mystery sources’ said Hitler was perfectly healthy in South America.

Phillip Citroen, a previous SS trooper who asserted he was in correspondence with Hitler, said the “führer” moved from Colombia to Argentina at some point in January of 1955.

The declassified CIA records propose Citroen had captured himself with Adolf Hitler—and the picture was incorporated into the CIA notice. Hitler is as far as anyone knows on the privilege of the picture.

The CIA paper reads:

CIEMLOY—A Friend stated that during the latter part of September 1955, a Phillip CITROEN, former German SS trooper stated to him confidentially that Afold Hitler was still alive. Citroen claimed tho had contacted Hitler once a month in Colombia in his trip from Maracaibo to that country as an employee of the NKSM Shipping Company in Maracaibo. Citroen dedicated to CIEMLODY—a friend that he took an image of Hitler not too long ago, but did not show the photograph. He also stated that Hitler left Colombia for Argentina around January of 1955. Citroen commented that in as much as ten years have passed since the end of the World War II; the allies could no longer prosecute Hitler as a criminal of war.


The message presumed that neither the source nor the CIA station could give a knowledge evaluation of the data incorporated into the note, yet was delegated “of possible interest.”

The leader of the Western Hemisphere Division of the CIA kept on evaluating the documents of the office and found that a year sooner another base report had been set up in Maracaibo from a similar source that stated that Hitler was not dead as well as guaranteed that there was a whole province of Nazis living in South America.

As per Citroen, the Germans living in Tunja tended to Adolf Hitler as “Der Führer” and welcomed him with the Nazi salute, he includes.

A couple of days after the fact, the leader of the Bogotá station kept in touch with the leader of the Western Hemisphere Division of the CIA and inquired as to whether he needed to accomplish more research on the asserted Hitler.

“If Headquarters so wishes, Bogota station can do an investigation on ‘Adolph Schuttlemayer’ in Tunja, Colombia,” the note states.

After seven days, the leader of the division reacted without detail. Despite the fact that he wasn’t restricted to undertaking further research on the issue, he felt that “great efforts could be devoted to this subject,” without the likelihood of setting up anything concrete. Therefore, he proposed that they overlook the issue.


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