We folks here at ZestyThings love DIY projects. From home improvement to repairs, our writers like to try everything on their own before spending a bunch of money on a contractor, but sometimes you just need to hire a contractor. Just like any DIYer, we’ve made our share of mistakes. These DIY fails will make you think twice… and cut once.

Planning: Building in a tight space requires careful planning. Someone wasn’t careful…

DIY Fails

Not an Electrician: Hopefully no one is coming to inspect this property anytime soon.

DIY Fails

Mountain Climbers Only: This contractor really screwed up – man I hope nobody drives a sports car in this house!

DIY Fails

Manual Button: Here’s hoping that these aren’t full voltage, better wear your rubber gloves when ringing this doorbell.

Maybe Not a Fail: This could also be genius although it looks like more work went into this than would go into just replacing the shower head.

DIY Fails

Death Wish: It’s the perfect location to send all that rainwater from the roof…

DIY Fails

Stairs Challenge: Try to walk these with your eyes closed… we bet you fall!

Measure Twice: Unfortunately I’ve actually ruined a tape measure in exactly the same way…

At First Look: You almost don’t realize what’s wrong here… until you have to fix something in the toilet tank. Let’s just hope this toilet works forever.

Yea That’ll Hold: Someone needs to explain to this DIYer that the wood beams are actually there for a reason.

Planning: Failure to plan, could have been worse.

No Words: The worst part about this is that at some point the builder must have realized it was wrong – and continued the job anyway.

Planning: It’s ok, the drawers were only for looks anyway.

Planning: This is a great sink.

Scary: Something isn’t right…

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