Military Swamped Beach After UFO sightings in new ‘British Roswell’

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UFO SHOCKER: Details of a new ‘British Roswell’ UFO case were revealed by Paul Sinclair (pictured) | Image Credit: Jon Austin

A UFO sighting case knows as the Wilsthorpe Incident is continuously under investigation after many people who witnessed to the strange events on a long stretch of the east and north Yorkshire coasts have been found or otherwise come forward. Witnesses reported seeing odd lights, and strange craft in an area ranging from Brandesburton in East Yorkshire to Scarborough, North Yorkshire. These sightings occurred between May and September 2009. In some cases UFOs were seen plunging into the ocean. These events happened at the height of the sightings, paranormal researcher Paul Sinclair has claimed.

30 to 40 UFOs in a Single Sighting

According to Sinclair, the multiple UFOs sighting followed a rash of other strange UFO sightings along the coastline. The day after the sightings, a pair of helicopters loaded with RAF personnel landed at the beach by the remote area of Wilsthorpe, East Yorkshire. Sinclair has investigated the incident for over 7 years. His research has turned up many witnesses including an elderly couple. It wasn’t until 2014 that he interviewed the couple now aged in their 80s about their experience in 2009. The interview made him realize it was one of the UK’s most significant UFO incidents.

A pink UFO image sent to Paul Sinclair in 2009 during the height of the sightings. | Image Credit: Jon Austin

A newspaper article written over a week after the sightings said as many as 50 people had seen the military operation. The case started in 2009 as Sinclair investigated multiple UFO encounters in the area on his now-defunct website ILF-UFO. In addition, he video recorded large numbers of military aircraft flying low and circling by his home in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. He said: “At least one of the choppers had its rear loading ramp half open and for some reason the men inside were observing me.”Sinclair stated that the woman talked about witnessing boomerang-shaped UFOs flying over the water. After about a half hour the crafts few off. She observed the military combing the beach the next day. The names of the witnesses he has not released. This fact does tend to shade the credibility of Sinclair’s reports. Without names and independent verification of witnesses, there’s no telling for sure if they are real.

The remote flat from where the elderly couple claimed to see up to 40 UFOs. | Image Credit: Jon Austin

A bait shop owner was interviewed and stated that two employees of his were on Wilsthorpe Beach the same day the couple saw the exercises conducted by the military. They spoke of seeing “triangles entering the sea” and later “being surrounded by soldiers.” The military presence was also confirmed by a man working on a boat at Blythe Park.

Sinclair is still investigating and has collected records of other UFO sightings in the same area from May 2009. Some of these were reported in local newspapers and others were reported to his website.

Sketch of ‘crucifix-shaped UFO’ seen by retired police man David Holroyd, who saw three UFOs. | Image Credit: Jon Austin

Why were these planes there? What was so important at the time? Does that mean there was a UFO presence, no, but it means there was a military presence. We still get military aircraft in the area, but you never get them flying over the rooftops like then. ~Paul Sinclair

Picturesque Wilsthorpe beach was mobbed by military after alleged UFO sightings.

Routine Military Exercise

After submitting a Freedom of Information request to the Ministry of Defense, Sinclair was told that it was nothing more than a routine military exercise. He believes that the military presence was due to the UFOs as opposed to a routine exercise or practice mission.

I think the military arrived because of the objects. All I can do is stack the evidence for and against, either side of the scale. ~Paul Sinclair

Sinclar continues to investigate the events. Some of the sightings that were investigated are detailed in his book – Truth-Proof: The Truth That Leaves No Proof, which is available on Amazon.


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