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Personal trainer Brooke Bailey talks about the health benefits of greek yogurt over at her series on Black Diamond Social Club.

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Greek Yogurt is a major staple of my diet. I eat a serving nearly every day, usually as my mid morning snack, right between my breakfast and lunch. Now, most yogurt in the dairy section is packed with sugar and offers very little in the way of nutrition. Yet somehow dieters everywhere make it a big part of their daily lunches. I see a lot of women eating nothing but yogurt for lunch all the time, unaware of how much sugar it contains. And not surprisingly, they have a hard time losing weight.

Real Greek yogurt is incredibly healthy if you get the full fat kind. For starters its full of probiotic bacteria that can have significant effects on your health and digestion. Probiotics are naturally found in the body, and are often called “good” bacteria because they help to keep your gut healthy. They also help prevent allergies and colds, while fighting skin conditions like eczema, and improve oral health and urinary and vaginal health. Probiotics can also help defend against food allergies. If you are unsure if you have a food allergy, read my article Recognizing Food Allergies.

There is more protein in Greek yogurt than popular commercial brands, up to 20 grams in a single serving. It’s low in carbohydrates and sodium, as well as lactose, and a good source of B12 for energy. The fat in Greek yogurt is mostly saturated. Before you stop reading, saturated fat is a necessary part of the diet which helps the body produce hormones. A discussion of saturated fat is outside the scope of this article, but I do have a more in depth article in the works about that. Keep checking the site for it! For more information on why you need fat in your diet, read my article High-Fat Foods You Should Be Eating.

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Brooke Bailey is a personal trainer, masseuse, and student in health and wellness. She currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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