Illuminati Battle: Former Politician Claims Psychic Battle

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Illuminati psychics apparently tried to take over the large hadron collider and open a portal to another universe. If the headline sounds crazy, that's because it is.

Illuminati Battle: Former Politician Claims Psychic Battle

Simon Parks is a former Labour London borough councilor who claims to have arranged a psychic battle with the Illuminati. He says he arranged and organized this Illuminati battle to defend humanity from the New World Order.

Illuminati Triangle Pyramid
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If It Sounds Crazy…

So first of all, let’s get this one out of the way. This story sounds freaking crazy even to people who believe in the Illuminati stories.

But former London politician Simon Parkes isn’t crazy. At least not by normal, measurable means. That being said, he also happens to believe that the Illuminati is a satanic cult in service of the devil.

So maybe he just has an odd set of beliefs, who knows. His claims are quite the read though…

Location: CERN Large Hadron Collider

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is located on the French-Swiss border. Particle physicists use it to accelerate atoms around a huge 16-mile ring, smash them together, and look at the pieces in an attempt to understand how our world works.

In the past, some have feared such a device might inadvertently create a black hole that would swallow up the world. Parkes’ story is much weirder.

Illuminati Battle: War of the Minds

The former councilor stated that Illuminati members with psychic powers attempted to use the LHC to open a portal to another dimension.

A number of people who associate with me made me aware that someone had activated it in the early hours and placed Satanic black magicians, who were remotely viewing the installation, on the inside ~Simon Parkes

Parkes went on to say that a group of his own global psychic soldiers to stop the portal from opening:

All over the globe good people started to meditate for five to six minutes, after the meditation it failed again, but we did take some damage. One person lost hearing in an ear for three weeks and others had ringing in ears because there was an attack by those psychically protecting it.

Well, that doesn’t sound crazy at all…

The Evidence

In addition to Parkes not naming any of his sources, he also provides no evidence as to this actually happening.

While there are other news agencies which have reported the story over the last couple years, they all seem to trace back to his words with no other independent verification.


Without additional verification or witnesses, one can only assume Parkes is weaving a story of fiction. It remains to be seen as to whether he actually believes these events happened or is intentionally making it all up.

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Parkes does have his own website where he accepts donations and charges a fee for something he calls “Soul Readings”. It’s very possible he makes outlandish claims for the publicity – which is good for his business.

The Illuminati may be real, it’s totally possible. But this alleged Illuminati battle never happened. It’s even less-believable than the stories of Illuminati weather control.

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