Wed. May 22nd, 2019

Illuminati Scammers – A Collection of Spam Part 5

Another round of the scammers promising induction into the elusive Illuminati – they promise money, fame, and fortune. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Illuminati Leader Eagle Head

Image Source: Pixabay

Welcome to Part 5 of our Illuminati Scammers series!

This site has quite a few articles and references to The Illuminati, so it makes sense that many Google searches for information related to the Illuminati point right here to What I find interesting is that every couple days I’ll get a new registrant on the website who tries to submit a comment on an article claiming to be a member of the Illuminati trying to get people to join (for a ‘fee’ probably) and they promise to make you famous and give you vast sums of money, fame, & power. Clearly, many of the Illuminati scammers are not native English speakers and we’ve kept them exactly as they are – spelling errors and all!

Disclaimer: This site is 100% absolutely NOT RESPONSIBLE if you contact any of these scammers and get scammed. We’re only reposting their information because it’s funny and it would be a shame if someone pranked them…

“A Golden Ring That Will Protect You”

JOIN THE GREAT ILLUMINATI BROTHER HOOD TODAY AND LIVE A BETTER AND HAPPY LIFE. WELCOME TO THE GREAT TEMPLE OF RICHES,FAME AND POWERS. Are you a business,Man or woman, politician, musician,pastor,lawyer,actor,actress,banker, and you. want to be rich, powerful and be famous in life. You can achieve your dreams by being a member of the Great ILLUMINATI brother hood. With this all your dreams and heart desire can be fully accomplish, if you really want to be a member of the great ILLUMINATI brother hood, Note: newly recruited members are entitled with 600,000 US Dollars , A Golden Ring, that will protect and guild you from enemies, and a free visa to United State Of America . Please will do not share blood. Kindly what app us on +2348169193901 or email us on

I Can Only Assume he Means “Warehouse”

my name is JAMES ADODO ,i want to thank FRANK ADAMS,for making me rich,
powerful and connected in my line of business today….after i finish
serving my boss, and my boss never want to settle me instead of him to
settle me he was posting me 6 months coming after the expire of 6
months he promise another 4 months,in fact i was still working for him
thinking he want the best for me not knowing he want to set me up with
his wife,we where in the shop one day when he told me that his wife is
sick at home that i should go and give her drugs at home not knowing
that my boss was following me in my back, that i must set and watch her
taking the drugs before coming,so i went home getting home i meet my
madam lieing down in her room and i gave her the drugs to eat and i
stand watching her to take the drugs as i was living the room my boss
work inside and start betting me not even allow me to say anything
before i could know my boss called the police to arrest me,when we get
to the station my madam said i wanted to rape her ‘luifer be the Glory
her husband work inside’ when the police here that, they started
calling me rapiest,and dump me inside cell for 3 weeks after the 3
weeks nobody came to look for me because i was given no chance to call
my family,it was one faithful day one of the police told me if i dont
have any person to ball me i said yes,that non of my family and
friends know that i have been arrested,it was then the police feet
pity for me and gave me his phone and i called my friend he came and
ball me out of the police station.when i get home i was having no work
to do,after some months i went to see one of our suppl yer then for
assistance he said he cannot render any assistance to me that,he want
to teach me how to fish not him given me fish to eat,i was so surprise
he gave me this email and this phone
number +2349057659337 and the name is FRANK ADAMS,when i get home i
called FRANK ADAMS on this number and i explain everything to him he
said ok,he told me what to provide which i provide immediately,after 4
weeks i became very rich,as i speck now i travel round the country for
business transaction i have a very big whorehouse shop in
who have suffer and want to become rich you can call FRANK ADAMS on
this number +2349057659337

“Hail Baphomet”

Don’t failed to see the light. Money, powers, fame, and wealth become your title in just three days. If interested to join the illuminati brotherhood headquarters at (U.S.A) Email > ILLUMINATIAMGLOBAL@GMAIL.COM. Call or whatsapp on+2348165339731 .or text us @ +2349058155146. Inbox me For your online initiation. No matter where you are. No distance can affect the work of our great baphomet. Contact us today and say yes to your dreams.

Hail Baphomet……..

“Bring your ex back”

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