NASA accidentally shows PROOF of Large-Scale Weather Manipulation in satellite images

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Is this an enormous connivance? Or, then again is it conceivable that NASA truly is playing around with our climate on Earth?

Many individuals would in all likelihood concur we are taking a gander at a gigantic trick, while others trust the confirmation is directly before us.

The current year’s Caribbean sea tempest season has turned “climate” into a prevailing subject on the planet.

Cataclysmic harm has been seen in the Caribbean, where whole Islands were cleared away by the unimaginable energy of Mother Nature. Notwithstanding, is this simply the unstoppable force of life’s work, or is there something different going on?

For quite a long time ‘paranoid ideas’ about climate control have coursed the web, and bits of gossip about climate control by the legislature have progressed toward becoming ever so poplar.

What was considered as an unthinkable accomplishment, today is conceivable on account of a decades-in length geoengineering exertion that has given us the capacity to control the climate, a two-way road that can annihilate our planet as much as it can help it.

Climate engineering regularly alluded to as geoengineering, otherwise called climate intervention, is the purposefil and huge scale mediation in the Earth’s climatic framework with the point of influencing unfavorable and unnatural weather change.

So where is that confirmation? Where would I be able to witness firsthand that our climate is really being controlled?

All things considered, see with your own eyes.

Located just off the coast of Africa. Changing the weather has become a reality for humanity, but it seems that we aren’t really able to control it, are we?

Just off the coast of Australia, this image shows how bad it can get. The above image, perfectly explain what Dane Wigington, writing for Wakeup-World, and Davide Wolfe describe as “many variances of radio frequency cloud impacts”
This image shows the coast of California. Maybe its time to stop weather modification projects before we mess up Earth’s climate for good.
Off Africa’s west coast. Are we in danger to lose control?
Off Africa’s west coast. Are we in danger of losing control?
Weather control off the coast of Spain. We are changing the weather, and if so, is it not for the good of the human population?
Here is another image off the African coast.

Africa’s coastal regions are a hotzone for weather geoengineering efforts even though they are referred to by mainstream media as nothing more than the result of “dust” in the air, notes Dane Wigington who quotes an excerpt from a Fox9 News article:

“Right now, much of the Gulf of Mexico and parts of the Caribbean have slightly warmer than normal ocean temperatures which would normally aid in tropical development.

“But there is so much dust and dry air in the atmosphere that storms are getting choked off before they even get started.”

Dane indicates how radio frequency transmissions can alter cloud formations, and that its the result of the“spraying of toxic electrically conductive heavy metals”. Now take a wild guess and imagine everything we breathe.
Is HAARP really responsible for weather changes? In this next image , Dane clearly points out that the enigmatic set of clouds formed near a HAARP Station, which eventually generated the unique looking cloud patterns.

Check out this video:

Do you believe this is real? Do you believe that the government is capable of controlling weather on such a large scale?

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