Woman working out with weights in gym ExerciseMoneyPersonal FinanceWorkout

How Much Does it Cost to Join a Good Gym? 4 Essential Tips to Lower Your Membership Fees

Fitness instructor Aaron Townsend talks about what price to expect from a good gym and provides tips on how to cut your gym expense back without skimping on the quality.

unsplash moving out of your parents' house CookingDietDIYMoney

5 Skills Everyone Should Master Before Moving out of Their Parents’ House

Designer and technical blogger, Vincent West, lays out the skills you need to be able to move out on your own. This isn’t just for millennials, it applies to anyone looking to get out of a co-habitation situation.

bald male man BaldMoisturizerSkinSkin Care

How Your Head is Groomed Reflects the Statement You are Sending the World

Portland barber, Jeffrey Arvel, provides skin care tips for those of us who’ve taken the bald approach to life (whether by choice or not). Your head isn’t just another thing to rub soap on.

baby AllergiesCongestionFluIllness

How to Deal Naturally With Your Kid’s Clogged Nose And Ears

Health & fitness writer Mike Jones provides some tips to relieve your child’s discomfort during periods of congestion. Whether it’s a cold or allergies, there’s a solution.

pixabay diy woodworking AnxietyDIYMental HealthStress

How DIY Projects Can Help Relieve Stress

Woodwork Boss founder Paul Stanley talks about how DIY projects can help relieve stress and provide an outlet for those with mental health issues.

Faucet Water Pixabay Clean WaterHumanitarianismWater

The Global Sanitation Crisis Is A Huge Problem. The WASH Initiative Can Solve It

Health writer John Hawthorn sheds some light on the sanitization crisis brought about by the fact that much of the globe doesn’t have access to clean water.

Topless Woman Brunette Freckles Blue Eyes ArthritisExerciseHeadachesMigraines

Neck Pain & Shoulder Pain: Relieving The Discomfort

Personal trainer and fitness blogger, Brooke Bailey, provides some advice on how to relieve neck and shoulder pain. As a sufferer herself, she has an intimate point of view.

chihuahua AnxietyDepressionFacebookMental Health

Research Says Using Facebook “Silently” Will Make You Depressed

New research is showing that using social media without actually posting or engaging is likely to make you feel depressed. If you’re not going to use social media, there’s no reason to be on it.


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