Spain Declassifies 1900 Pages of Top-Secret UFO Reports (Video)

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The Spanish Ministry of Defense recently declassified 80 reports of alleged UFO sightings that took place between 1962 and 1995. The reports contain 1900 pages of information. The declassification process was begun in 1991 with the specific intent of making them available to the public. Could this be a step towards UFO disclosure?

Striking UFO Encounters

One of the more thought-provoking events was reported by pilots and crew when President Adolfo Suarez was traveling from Germany to Spain. The pilots and crew of observed a strange lights that couldn’t be identified.

During night hours on February 25, 1980, on board the 401st Squadron aircraft on a flight from Germany to Spain, Madrid with President Suarez, strange lights were observed by the pilots and passengers.

The exact location of the encounter was not disclosed in the report.

Other Sightings & Reports

Other interesting reports include ones in which UFOs were detected by military radar but dispatched pilots couldn’t physically see anything. It’s possible that some of these could be false positive radar echos. It’s probably safe to say however that when the military determines enough information has been obtained to warrant a report, there must be something to it.

For those hopeful that one day there will be a global disclosure of UFO information by world governments, this is another piece of great news. As more documents are made available to the public, the overall picture should become more clear. There’s also the chance though that this could be another disinformation attempt to throw true researchers off the trail. What do you think?

You can explore the archives of reports here. Find anything interesting to share with us?


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