The 5 Best Fitness Gadgets Every Runner Needs

Last updated on November 17th, 2020 at 09:41 pm

Fitness gadgets are fun, but serious runners swear by them.

The 5 Best Fitness Gadgets Every Runner Needs

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Running is one of the oldest and most instinctual forms of exercise done by man; young and old, it doesn’t take a degree in health sciences to figure out how to do it in a manner that brings big benefits to the runner.

For some, however, running isn’t about recreation, it’s a serious sport, and one that should be approached with all the integrity and effort that one can put into an exercise and fitness routine.

Logging metrics, looking at body fat percentages, and estimating calories burned are second nature to these runners; they want the gadgets and tricks for beating their personal best time and shredding fat like it’s a summer day in Arizona. For these runners, tech-type fitness gadgets are the way to go to help them become their personal best.

If you have a runner in your family, and you want to give them a gift that they will truly appreciate as they pound the pavement, consider picking up a few of these innovative fitness gadgets. You might not see them for awhile, but know that they are very happy as they move into “the zone” and on to their next level of health and fitness:

1. Jaybird X4 Wireless Earphones

Who wants to run with long wires from earbuds or headphones getting in the way? With the Jaybird X4 series, running becomes easy, and you can listen to your favorite tunes or podcasts to keep you going.

Small and comfortable, they won’t become dislodged due to your vigorous activity, and they are waterproof for those extra sweaty runs. Sound settings are fully customizable via the IOS and Android apps found on the app stores. Get lost in your favorite ear candy while on your next trail run.

2. Flipbelt

We’ve all been there… having to carry something in each hand while we attempt to keep up the pace while managing personal belongings. With the Flipbelt, carrying your essentials with you is simple and efficient.

Stash a credit card, your keys, energy gels, and phone around your waist while you pound the pavement and shred those pounds. Everything you need is conveniently tucked around your waist for a comfortable ride while you run.

3. Apple Watch Series 4

Known for years as “the best smartwatch money can buy”, the Series 4 makes an even stronger case for the claim. Thinner, more comfortable, and presenting a crystal clear image for display, you’ll be able to receive notifications, track your personal fitness, and iMessage friends. It is all the convenience of your tech devices at your fingertips.

4. Lumo Run Sensor

The Lumo run is one of the most innovative tech gadgets in the world; for runners who want to improve their performance, stride, and speed, this gadget fits the bill perfectly.

Lumo tracks all of your essential running stats—cadence, length of stride, bounce, pelvic movement, and how much brake you apply with every single step. Your companion Lumo app will send your data to the lab for compilation and analyzation; you can obsess over your details as you sip your after workout drink and see what you can do to improve your performance.

5. Tick Fit Heart Rate Armband

For the runner who is obsessed with cardiovascular health and fitness, the Tick Fit will give you all the details without the uncomfortable feel of a chest strap. It wraps comfortably around your arm, and it tracks your heart rate and calorie burn, to name a few. Easily syncing with several tech devices such as smart phones and smart watches, it is the perfect way to keep that heart in check while getting healthier.

Whether you are the runner or your loved one is always scooting out the door, these gadgets can help to keep you safe and support your efforts to perfect your chosen craft. Enjoy those miles and know that these tech supports will bring on the smiles!

Kevin Gardner graduated with a BS in Computer Science and an MBA from UCLA. He works as a business consultant for InnovateBTS where he helps companies integrate technology to improve performance. He shares his knowledge and expertise not only with his clients but with his fellow bloggers and readers.

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