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Did you love Firefly as much as we did? The cancelation of the brilliant show which lasted just 14 episodes is widely hailed as one of 20th Century Fox’s greatest blunders. Firefly was rich in storyline & complex character development that’s rarely found in a show. Although it only lasted a single season, it spawned a mass of followers that persists 15 years later. Test your trivia to see how much of a true fan you really are!

How many original members were on the Firefly Crew?

In Joss Whedon's original concept of Firefly, Serenity only had 5 crew members. However, throughout development and casting, Whedon increased the cast from five to nine.

Who played a young Simon during a flashback in the episode "Safe"?

A 13 year old Zac Efron made his acting debut in 2002 on the episode "Safe".

How many episodes of Firefly aired before being cancelled?

Joss Whedon wrote Firefly as a 7-season show. Unfortunately it was canceled after only 14 episodes. Some critics stated that 20th Century Fox had a hand in the cancellation because they aired the shows out of order - the 2-hour pilot didn't even air until the end of the show's only season.

Shepherd Book only speaks Chinese in a single episode. Which one is it?

"War Stories". It goes without saying that a man of the cloth didn't curse very much. He went the entire season without cursing except for this episode.

What was the name of Jayne Cobb's favorite gun?

In the episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds", Jayne introduces his favorite gun named "Vera" when he tries to trade it for Mal's new wife.

What does Shepherd Book give to Kaylee when he joins the crew of Serenity?

Shepherd Book, played by the late Ron Glass, presented Kaylee with a small box containing a single strawberry.

How did the ship Serenity get its name?

Serenity was named after a battle that Captain Mal fought in during the War of Unification.

Who was the last character to speak a line at the end of the regular series?

At the end of episode 14, the camera cuts away to the bounty hunter Jubal Early who was kicked off the ship by Captain Mal and now floating & tumbling helplessly in space. Jubal Early's last words are, "Well... Here I am."

What is Wash's real first name?

The ship's incredible pilot Hoban Washburne, played by Alan Tudyk, normally goes by the nickname Wash.

Mal finds himself married to a stranger in "Our Mrs. Reynolds" and she reappears later in the series. Which name was NOT used by Mal's wife?

Saffron, Yolanda, and Bridget were the aliases we know of for Mal's wife. She was also married a few other people in the 'verse.

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