How Well do You Know Modern Technology?


Which mobile device maker uses iOS?

Finger touch smartphone screen with privacy protection
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How much did the original Kindle sell for?

Relaxed happy woman reading a book
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What was the best-selling desktop computer ever?

Computer on the table at office
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What was the first item ever sold on eBay?

Friends shopping shoes online
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How Well do You Know Modern Technology?
Pre-Evolutionary Human

Caveman, Manly Boy With Primitive Weapon Hunting Outdoors

Wow you don't know technology AT ALL! We're surprised you were even able to figure out how to take this test...
No Tech Skillz

handcuffs and tablet computer

You definitely don't play with technology at all. We're not even sure how you found this quiz...

Working on a computer

You're about as average as they come. You can use your phone and computer without problems. You can Google your way through basic issues. You still have trouble with the hard stuff, but you can usually find your way around.
Tech Guru

IT Consultant Monitors Servers In Data Center

You know a lot about technology, you might even work in the industry. No problem is too tough for you to figure out!

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