What Super-Fun Job Should You Have?

Do you like to drive?

Young African businessman commuting to work in his car

How creative are you?

Female artist

Choose an image:

Nachos with cheese and guacamole
Computer hacker breaking the software
Young serene woman sleeping on couch in dark room while listening to relax music

Do you like danger?

Large wheel valve with danger

How often do you eat out?

Vegetarian Restaurant. Young Woman In A Vegetarian Restaurant

Are you good with your hands?

Carpenter or woodworker working with a chisel

Do you get scared easily?

Teenage girls wearing 3d movie eyeglasses surprised scared and watching TV

How are your computer skills?

CSS Code Computer symbols on monitor

Do you like being alone?

Alone and pensive

What Super-Fun Job Should You Have?
Fortune Cookie Writer

We bet you didn't even know this was an option! Can you imagine getting paid for your witty comments?
Ethical Hacker

Your intellect and love of technology makes this a natural choice for you. Ethical hackers help keep the cyber world safe from the bad guys. That means you get paid to be a hero!
Food Critic

Your love of food might just be your ticket to an amazing and rewarding career! Paid to eat? That's what I'm talking about!
NASCAR Mechanic

What could be more fast-paced than working on some of the world's fastest cars? Whether it's on a pit crew or in the shop, you'll never look back!
Private Island Caretaker

Not rich enough to own your own private island? No problem! You can work as a caretaker on one - it's the next best thing!
Ferrari Driving Instructor

Your need for speed and incredible driving skills make this a perfect career. You get paid to drive some of the world's hottest cars!
Hollywood Stunt Person

You like your excitement with a little bit of danger? Then this is the job for you! Stuntmen get paid a ton of cash and you don't even have to learn how to act.
Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artist makes a tattoo on a man's hand.

It's one of the coolest jobs you can have these days. Tattoo artists create life-lasting artwork and get paid to do it, what could be better than that?
Rock Star

Playful Girl with a guitar. Fashion rock vibes

There's almost nothing cooler than making a living rockin' out on the stage! Your love of music makes this the career choice for you, just be ready to sleep in a van once in a while!
Video Game Designer

Professional gamer girl with headset play online multiplayer video game on PC

There's no better career to serve as an outlet for your creativity than this. Designing video games pays well and can make you famous among gamer circles. Sweet!

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