What Type of Close Encounter Are You Likely to Have?

How much time do you spend alone?

Alone and pensive

How many people do you live with?

Portrait Of Smiling Hispanic Family With Daughter Laughing In Garden At Home

How do you get to work?

Young African businessman commuting to work in his car

Have ever had a close encounter before?

Night landscape with Milky Way and silhouette of a man

What Type of Close Encounter Are You Likely to Have?
Close Encounter of the First Kind

Unidentified Flying Objects UFO

You will see a UFO! By far the most common type of sighting but mysterious nonetheless. Is it a bird? a plane? No! It's an alien spaceship!
Close Encounter of the Second Kind

crop circles field Alsace France

Not only will you encounter a UFO but you'll have evidence to prove it! Maybe your car mysteriously dies or your phone goes wacky! In either case you'll have something to prove to the deniers that you weren't just seeing things.
Close Encounter of the Third Kind

Alien female

You'll see an alien! Holy crap! Your experience is ultra rare and one you're likely to never forget. The news outlets won't believe you, but you know the truth!
Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind

Unidentified Flying Object Alien Abduction Clipping Path

You will be abducted by aliens! We hope they let you come home unharmed so that you can tell the story, if you remember it that is. Maybe you already have been abducted and just don't remember? Hmm...

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