Seriously – does anyone actually do this? Confidential reports are only confidential until you have to get paid and then there must be a record of it somewhere. I’d rather not go to the unemployment line. This ad comes up on Facebook all the time. What do you guys think?

Secondly – how much money would they pay out? Is it like a few hundred bucks or could it be like $100k? I guess maybe there’s something to be said if the money is significant.

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One thought on “You Too Could be Unemployed…”

  1. I don’t think I could do it. As an IT Professional, I’ve seen my share of unlicensed software in the enterprise and every single time I brought it to someone’s attention, the company went ahead and got their licenses purchased and in order. Respectable companies don’t purposely use unlicensed software but sometimes the end up using a free version of something that isn’t intended for use by a business, once it’s pointed out to them, they buy the licenses.

    That being said – if I worked for a company that blatantly pirated software, I’d probably just find a new job. The last thing I want is an employer to call back for a reference and find out I reported the previous employer – you might never work again.

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