Family Guy has been a major hit on TV for years. Not only is it funny and crude and low class – but at times it tackles some of the most difficult issues facing America. How well do you know the show? This is one of the most difficult Family Guy quizzes on the Internet. Let’s Go!

What nickname does Stewie rather like?

What's the name of the girl Death lost his virginity to?

In the 70's what was Cleveland's old job?

Before sustaining a head injury that slowed his speech, Cleveland was a fast-talking auctioneer.

How old is Peter Griffin?

What brand of beer does Joe Swanson drink?

What was the name of the country Peter created?

When Cleveland got a tax refund, what did he buy with it?

What state was Brian born in?

The Griffins had a dog before Brian, what was its name?

Mayor Adam West is afraid that someone is stealing his what?

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