Zesty Quiz: Which Figure From Greek Mythology Are You?

Greek Statue
Take this personality test to find out which figure from Greek mythology most matches you. Do it, it's fun ;-)

No public school education is complete without a lesson in Greek Mythology. And while most of us have our favorites, which ones actually match our personality? Take our latest quiz below and find out: Which Figure from Greek Mythology are You?

Which of these would you most like to visit?

Pick one of these cars:

You look out your window and see a tornado coming. What do you do?

Electrical Storm in Canada | Photo by Max LaRochelle on Unsplash

You wake up feeling really sick... are you going to work today?

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If you had to eliminate one of these foods forever, what would it be?

Which Figure From Greek Mythology Are You?

Also knowns as Ulysses, he's most famous for his acts in Homer's "The Odyssey". The king of Ithaca is one of the most well-known figures in Greek Mythology with adventures all over the world. Odysseus was known for his battle skills but was also one of the most intelligent characters from from the realm of Greek Mythology. Strong and smart? Yea that's you!

The hero of the Trojan war is one of the most well-known figures in Greek Mythology. Invulnerable everywhere except his heel, Achilles' is best known for killing Hector outside the gates of Troy. A true powerhouse, just like you!

Best known for having beheaded the deadly Medusa, Perseus is one of the most powerful characters from Greek Mythology. Way to go! You're a hero!

Orpheus was the greatest of all poets and musicians. His love for his wife was so great that he ventured into the Underworld to get her back when she died from a snakebite. Dedication in the face of death? Yea that's you!

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