6 Kitchen Appliances You Need for a Modern Kitchen

Last updated on September 26th, 2023 at 11:10 pm

Kitchen appliances can be tempting to overload on, but you don't need to buy everything. Start with these.

6 Kitchen Appliances You Need for a Modern Kitchen

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When you start cooking and preparing delicious meals inside your trusty kitchen, you don’t wish to be interrupted by a lack of anything. From ingredients to equipment and kitchen appliances, each piece plays its part in the magnificent cooking show you present every day.

The easiest thing in the world is to cram as much as possible into your kitchen. But that’s just putting an unnecessary strain on your space and budget. We would like to offer our suggestions on a few must-haves, and you can expand from there.

1. Coffee!

Without the energy and that morning boost to your body, how will you prepare succulent meals every day? A handy coffee maker makes that caffeine intake that much easier to have. Good coffee makers are fully automated, handy to use, quick and get your coffee done perfectly and how you like it every time.

COFFEE CUP, COFFEE BEANS - kitchen appliances you need a coffee maker

You can start brewing in the middle of the meal prep, have your coffee done, and and it’s ready to enjoy when you’re finished. If coffee is not your thing and you are looking for a bit more versatility, we’ve got you covered with that as well.

2. Electric Kettle

While they’re more popular in Europe rather than the US, when you need boiling water in a recipe, want to make tea or a quick bowl of soup, or any other thing that requires hot water, this is the appliance for you. Simply pour in some water and let it do its magic. The days of having to boil water and wait are behind you. Electric kettles are cheap, handy, occupy very small space and have multiple uses. Pop the kettle on its holder, and you will have boiled water in a flash.

3. Modern Oven

Every kitchen needs its centerpiece item, and a high-function oven is exactly that. Among kitchen appliances, your oven may be the most important one. With four or more burners, an oven and some storage, gas outlets and other modern additions, it’s your bread and butter. Some modern ovens come with apps that connect to your phone and keep you informed. You can pre-program them to run at the exact temperature you want and for how long you wish.

Any appliance needs regular maintenance so that it can operate at maximum efficiency. With regular and certified oven repairs for trained professionals, you’re sure to get your money’s worth out of your oven.

4. Fridge

Plenty of groceries that you buy need to be kept at a refreshing and cool temperature so that they stay fresh and usable. From fruits to vegetables and various products, they all have their storage preferences. Also, nobody wants a warm beer, and your fridge is there to help.

It can also produce and store ice cubes, and cold water and keep any leftovers good for a day or two. Modern fridges are more than just simple cool ice boxes. They come with handy applications that are full of info and an LCD in front. Now your fridge door can be used for things other than magnets and you can get info on your fridge status at a glance. Also, any modifications to its settings are done with a press of a button.

5. Water Purifier

The goal of your kitchen is to provide safe, healthy and nutritious meals. Water and hydration are part of a balanced diet, and you want your family to stay safe and healthy. Regardless of the health and safety regulations around tap water in your state or country, a trusty water purifier is always good to have.

Young Woman Drinking Water in Gym

Even the seemingly cleanest of waters can have what is not inside them, and with a water purifier, you will remove any such harmful substances. One more piece of advice is to check its size and capacity before you buy, so you can choose the one that perfectly first your kitchen and needs.

6. Slow, Pressure and Steam Cooker

A great combo to have, these three appliances we include as one. Steam cooking is the healthiest type of cooking there is, with some meals specifically asking to be steam cooked.

The slow cooker is made for potluck dinners, one-pot, meals and stews. When all you have to do is throw in all of the ingredients at once, and let them stew for a long time, a slow cooker is there to help.

The pressure cooker is our last, but not least, item on the list. When cooking rice, meat, and lentils, look no further than a pressure cooker. With these three at your side, there is no meal that you can’t handle.

Equipping your kitchen with top-of-the-line items and cramming it with a full catalogue of appliances is never the right choice. There is a tool for every job and an appliance for every meal. Multifunctionality is the key here as those appliances save you time, money and most importantly, space. With some level-headed reasoning and research, surely you will find the right one for you. We wish you all the best in your future cooking adventures!

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