The 8 Best Strength Exercises You’re Not Doing

Last updated on November 16th, 2020 at 09:12 pm

These are some great exercises that regularly go missed during workouts.

The 8 Best Strength Exercises You’re Not Doing

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Strength exercises are essential to your workout routines. With these kinds of exercises, you would not only burn high amounts of calories but you can also keep your muscles strong and improve your overall fitness state. And certainly, many people today are fond of doing them regularly.

Apparently, there different kinds and types of strength exercises. And there is a huge chance that the more popular routines are the more apparent ones being done by many individuals. But did you know that there are other strength exercises since then that are found to be much more efficient and effective?

Strength Exercises

Building strong and firm muscles can efficiently be done through various workouts. And following them strictly on a regular basis can surely help you achieve your goals. However, did you know that out of all the strength exercises today, there are actually eight kinds that most people are not doing?

The truth is – they have become quite underrated because they are quite challenging to do. As for others, they just simply don’t know that these exercises do actually exist. Even so, many specialists and experts, especially from crosstrainshoes, have attested that when exercise routines have become unpopular or underrated, it is due to the fact that they are difficult to do despite their effectiveness.

So, what are these exercises?

The 8 Best Strength Exercises Today

Here the list of the eight best and most effective strength exercises that you’re probably missing out. And if you are, these will help you get a start and get you going to achieve your goals much effectively and efficiently:

Front Squat

If you want to develop your overall quad, then you must focus on doing front squats. According to experts and athletes, front squats are unpopular because they are other much easier alternatives. But as it appears, these alternatives are not as powerful and as effective as front squats.

When doing a front squat, all you need to is to stand in front of a power rack. Place the bar near the shoulders and cross your arms as if you are wrapping the bar towards you. Make sure that your shoulders are heading in your front.

Slowly, make a small arch on your lower back and step back with one foot as the other bends in parallel with your shoulders. Once settled, pull up until your legs are straightened but not locked up. Repeat the step for the other side.

Goblet Squat

Goblet squats are another type of squat that is found to be very powerful and effective. But it will be much more challenging as it requires you to handle a light kettlebell when doing the routine.

As you starting position, hold a light kettlebell by its horns and place it close to your chest. Once settled with the position, slowly squat down between the legs. Ensure that your hamstrings will reach your calves. Then, hold the position for a while before pushing yourself up using your elbows to the knees.

Pallof Press

Utilizing Pallof Press can largely help you build your core and improve your body’s ability to become more powerful. But of course, you will need a cable machine in order to execute the exercise properly.

Start by standing in parallel with your cable machines. You may start with your right side placed in front of the machine. Eventually, kneel in your position with your knees hip-width apart. Next, reach the cable and place it in front of your chest by using both hands then return the cable to the machine.

Do this for eight to ten repetitions on both sides.

Dumbbell Row

A dumbbell row is also known as the one-arm dumbbell row. And quite obviously, you would need a pair of dumbbells and a bench to perform this strength exercise.

On the flat bench, place your right leg on top of it and as you bend your torso forward. Make sure that your upper body is parallel to the floor. As for your support, place your right hand on the other end of the bench.

After placing the dumbbells on both sides of the chest, reach the left dumbbell by using your left hand and pull it up. Engage your back as you fight the resistance. Do this for eight to ten repetitions. Once done, slowly return the left dumbbell on the floor. Breathe, then change your position to perform the steps for the other side.

Arched-Back Pull Up

A pull up is one of the most effective strength and core exercises that you can do for your body and muscles. But among all the types, the arched-back pull up will help you achieve your fitness goals with regard to the routine in a much more effective and efficient way. This is why even when the exercise is so exhausting and challenging, many would prefer doing it.

All you need to do is to pull yourself up just like you do when you perform a normal pull up. The only difference is that you must make sure that your back is placed in an arched-position.

Biceps Ladder

Biceps ladder exercise has become quite popular to many workout enthusiasts. With the use of the Smith Machine or a squat rack, you will need to climb up these stands by using just your biceps as your body hovers above the floor.

Of course, this strength exercise largely focus on your arms, especially biceps. And believe it or not, the routine will be much easier as you reach the top of the rack or machine.

You have to start your curls at the most bottom notch or position available. Ensure that your arms are extended as your whole body hangs. Until the bar reaches the most top notch, then you can rest. Repeating the routine twice will be dependent on your state after.

Curtsy Lunge

A curtsy lunge is simply a lunge that comes with a very effective variation. All you need to do is to start by standing tall with your feet flat on the ground. Place your left foot behind the right as it also moves to the right side. Slowly, bend your knees and engage your core as your palms hold each other as if you are doing a curtsy.

Hold the position for a few seconds then go back to your standing position. Repeat the steps for the right foot and do a simultaneous curtsy lunge for both sides for three cycles with eight to ten reps per cycle.

Hip Extension (Glute Bridges/Hip Thrusts)

Hip extension routines like glute bridges and hip thrusts are great strength exercises. But it is much more effective when hip thrusts are preferred. The only difference with the two is that in hip thrusts, the routine is loaded and it is done in a bench or a platform. Whereas the glute bridges, you will only need a matt or the floor.

Start by lying flatly on the ground. Next, place both of your feet in a flat position creating a 90-degree angle with your legs. Slowly, release your lower back and reach up as your upper back, neck, and head stays flat on the ground.

Move your hips and glutes up and down for eight to ten times. And do two to three cycles.

In Conclusion

These eight best strength exercises can largely help you in improving your strength and power. Not to mention, they can also improve other muscle groups in your body. So, start doing them now, maintain a healthy diet, and reap the benefits much sooner.

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