5 Tips for Beautiful and Relaxing Gardens in Small Spaces

Last updated on April 1st, 2024 at 10:41 am

Even in a small space you can make a garden sanctuary.

5 Tips for Beautiful and Relaxing Gardens in Small Spaces

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Gardens don’t have to be big. Even the smallest versions can provide a peaceful place to leisure and enjoy your day in your outdoor space. With some landscaping tricks, you can easily turn your tiny balcony, a slice of lawn, or miniature porch into lavish greenery. All you need are some ideas to arrange foliage, seating area, and accessories into a perfect escape from the city noise. So take a look at these tips for beautiful and relaxing gardens in small spaces that will help you get your green fairyland.

Surround Yourself with Hanging Greenery

Small spaces are perfect for coming up with creative ideas. If you have only a small patch of area for the garden, find more ways to introduce the plants by hanging them from above and on the sides. This can be even more fun if you make DIY planters with wood and rope for a more rustic feel perfect for the modest porch. Use the outer wall of your house or balcony to hang plants imaginatively like on a wood slice with sued strips.

If your garden space has roofing, use it to hang plants with bushy leaves falling downwards like colorful fuchsia and pothos. You can use metal bowls for a more modern look or ceramic planters for organic and Boho style. While shelves may seem too ordinary, you can make them more interesting by mounting them sparkly on the wall to make it layered and natural. Tiered planter is perfect for corners and will allow you to occupy the space vertically.

Paint it Bright and Light

Color can make a lot of difference for space and invoke emotions. While you will bring in some color with flowers and different shades of green, there is still room to add more. Choose light tones like white, beige and grey to expand the space and make it visually bigger. Earthy tones like brown, orange and red will go well with plants but choose lighter shades or use the bright ones for finer details or to accent something.

Mauve and sky blue are great colors for furniture, pots or cushions since they are uplifting and relaxing at the same time. Remember to use colors that you find pleasant and choose their lighter tones for bigger surfaces like walls and roofing. If you don’t intend to plant flowers, you can achieve their playful nature with colorful details, like patterned tiles in a Moroccan style or transparent curtains hung on the sides of pergola.

Focus on the Lights

What plants you can have in your small garden will depend on the amount of sunlight that space has during the day. However, you also need to think of lighting in the evening that will turn your garden into a relaxing outdoor space. Use string lights that are simple and will make your garden dreamy especially in the summer.

Vintage incandescent Edison type bulbs on wooden wall

Solar lamps are not only eco-friendly but also practical especially if you don’t have room in your budget for electrical works. Hanging lights and table lighting are modest but enough to give your small garden a splash of brightness in the evenings. On the other hand, wall lamps mounted on balcony walls or the porch are wonderful ways to revive the space without taking too much room.

A Charming Seating Nook

You don’t need a complete seating set to have a morning coffee or read a book in the comfortable shade of your garden. Install a wooden bench by the wall and add retractable shady systems so you can enjoy your seating nook during the sunny and rainy days. Use vines and climber plants to build an arc around the bench and make the space more secluded for relaxing or private chats.

A tall and narrow coffee table on the side will be just enough to place two mugs and a book. Position potted plants of different heights and sizes on both sides of your nook so they add layers and not limit the already small space. As a final touch use lanterns with candles to set the mood in the evening and flowery plants to make this seating spot more colorful and full of fragrance.

Embrace the Power of Flowers

There are many reasons why to have flowers in your small garden. They are colorful and will improve the visual experience and also smell nice which will give your little nature retreat relaxing aroma. However, flowers are also good for the environment if you plant the ones that will attract natural pollinators like bees and butterflies. Borage is beautifully blue with edible flowers, leaves, and seeds you can use to try some new recipes.

Daisy is a classic that will make any garden more joyful and full of life and they also come in more shades than white like yellow and pink. If you want something more sophisticated, go for lavender with its pleasant fragrance that will attract pollinators and chase away flies and mosquitos. Another aesthetically appealing flower that will bring birds, bees, and butterflies to your garden is milkweed with orange and scarlet colors.

Finally a Relaxing Garden

Beautiful and relaxing gardens in small spaces are not only possible but also a welcoming way of landscaping. They breathe life into the place and give you a perfect spot to entertain guests or simply enjoy some alone-time.


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