10 Tricks to Do if There is No Sexual Attraction to Your Partner

Last updated on October 30th, 2023 at 12:09 am

Fitness instructor Dwayne Austin provides tips on how to rekindle the passion in your relationship.

10 Tricks to Do if There is No Sexual Attraction to Your Partner

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Relationships do not remain the same and there are periods that you are more attracted to your partner while other times you are not. Love is a choice and a mental flirting process. You need to ignite your relationship often for you to stay attracted to your spouse.

Try to revive things that made your spouse get attracted to you in the first place. You should also learn what your partner likes, and cultivate the things that will make them get sexually attracted to you. Some of the things needed to restore sexual attraction between couples are not easy and take a lot of work. Below are the tricks that will make him or her get attracted to you again.

1. Engage in Romantic Activities

Most of the basic ideas are true and meaningful in a healthy relationship. Engage your spouse to do romantic things together. Beat bedroom boredom by going out for dinner at a romantic place, playing soothing music together, taking walks together and spending time in a soothing environment.

Even if you don’t feel like it, do it anyway. It’s been proven that romantic behaviors are just as habit-forming as laziness – the more you do it, the more you want it. Frequent engaging in romantic activities will improve your sexual life and increase the desire for each other.

2. Try Couples Therapy

If you feel like you have no passion for one another, try and seek help from a qualified professional. Attend sessions together with your spouse and this will provide you with ideas that will make you remain sexually attracted to your partner. Attending a few therapies as a couple will bring new changes in your relationship.

Young couple having marriage counselling
Couples therapy can help uncover underlying issues in your relationship.

Open up and let the couple therapy professional know what is making you less interested in each other. If it is your man who is underperforming due to ED, discuss the importance of using the new sex pills for men. Try to solve the problem in a friendly way without hurting how the other person feels.

3. Spend Time Together

Time is a special factor in every relationship and spending quality time together will make a difference. Spend your free time together and make it exciting.

Engage your self in an extracurricular activity, join a social group or a club to engage you and enhance your mood. Make your own life more exciting, and this will help you to reconnect back with your spouse when spending time together. Create more time for each other and create a space for just the two of you.

Have special time for the two of you away from friends and children. Have plans for an outing and carry out special activities together.

Spending quality time with your partner will make you be emotionally attracted and connected to them. This will trigger a flow of passionate and sexual feelings and your spouse will always feel to get closer to you.

4. Make Small Changes

Understand your spouse both physically and mentally and find a way to improve low testosterone levels if that is what is drawing you sexually apart. When you note that your spouse is no longer sexually attracted to you, reflect and see where you can make changes to ignite them again. Know their new preferences and focus on making changes that will make them want you.

It is the little things that matter in a relationship and you can make your spouse remain attracted to you by writing them occasional romantic notes, buying them gifts and surprising them with their favorites.

Make eye-catching changes that will make you attracted to your spouse. Make visible changes that will activate your partner’s desires. The small changes will bring out big results in your relationship.

The changes can be behavioral or doing things that make your partner happy. To ensure maximum pleasure and make your partner equally satisfied try some natural ways to increase stamina.

5. Complement Your Partner Frequently

Take time and let your spouse know how and why you love them. Do things that will make your partner feel wanted and special. Tell them something that will make them like to hear it again from you. Complementing your partner often will get you sexually and emotionally connected.

Daily compliments to your partner will make them start doing it for you too. Try multiple avenues that will keep you connected and rekindle your passion. Complements will make your spouse feel wanted and appreciated. Do it regularly and this will make your attachment more strong.

6. Check Out On Your Spouse Competition

If you note that your partner no longer has sexual interests for you, try lust and it works in amazing ways. It will spark your spouse passion for you, as they will fear you being desired by others. It is a surprising strategy and it will make your partner want you more.

Make other people admire you and this will make your spouse envious and get sexually attracted to you. Make efforts to make other people spot an attractive thing in you, and this will bring your partner back and make them feel proud to be associated with you.

Do things that will create a competitive environment, which will make your spouse appreciate and feel that they are lucky to have you.

7. Give Your Spouse a Sensory Flashback

Thinking about the first days that you fell in love with your spouse will remind you of what made you fascinated with them. Think of the old good days when love was felt all over and you could not get enough of each other. Try and remember little things that you did together and made your relationship grow strong. Do those things that made your spouse go crazy in the past.

Seat together and remember things that made you fall in love with each other. These flashbacks and sensual memories will trigger a positive reaction that will keep you physically attracted to each other and create an instant longing.

Revive on the old things that used to make you happy and want each other. Invest in the small things that you used to do for each other and draw you closer to one another. Flashback and remember the things that used to make you want each other.

Make sure your spouse knows how much they mean to you.

8. Appreciate Your Spouse

Appreciating your spouse will make them feel special and loved. There are many ways of expressing gratitude and you should do it in a romantic way. Write a journal and let your spouse know how you feel about them and your relationship.

Write to your partner a gratitude list with the qualities and things that you like about them. Let your spouse know the behaviors that make you feel happy and like to appreciate them. Spend time together with your spouse and talk about the values that you love in them. Despite how busy your schedule is, take time and let your partner know that you appreciate them in any way.

9. Keep Your Spouse out of the Loop

Create an environment that your partner will always want to know more about you. Let them try to look for ways to impress you for them get close to you and drill the details they are looking for.

Telling your spouse less about your personal life will make them long for you. Make a discovery that will keep your spouse long and desire for you again. Tell your spouse less and they will be interested to know more about you, which will bring about sexual attraction.

Create suspense by giving your spouse a conclusion or a little hint of the story when you are chatting. This will draw their attention as they try to lure details to know more about the story. Keeping your spouse in the loop will make them stay connected to you and get closer.

10. Do Things that Drives Your Spouse Nuts

Know your partner well and do things that impress them and make them go nuts. Call your spouse by pet names and let them feel loved and appreciated. Do something that impresses your partner and let them focus and dray their attention to you. This will grow the affection and you will get sexually attracted to each other.

Dress to impress and work on your body to make it more attractive. Surprise your spouse with something that will make them run mad and feel loved.


Sexual attraction is ideal in a healthy relationship and you should get worried when you notice there is no more attraction. Love needs to be ignited and cultivated often, as what makes you attracted to your partner today is not the same thing that will fascinate you tomorrow. Sexual attraction is a gradual process and it needs to be revived every now and then.

For you to know the tricks to apply to get sexually attracted to your partner again, you need to understand each other better and know the cause of reduced desires.

There are many factors that affect sexual attraction between couples, and you should effortlessly work hard to restore what fascinated you in the past. It is a matter of sacrifice and some things you need to do them passionately to make things beautiful again. Regular review of your sexual life will help you to notice changes early and make relevant adjustments that will save your situation.

Dwayne Austin is a multi-faceted blogger & fitness instructor from Indiana, US. He has been writing blogs on men’s sexual health. He encourages people to live a healthy lifestyle.

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