8 Wedding Photo Editing Trends You Need to Know for 2019

Last updated on April 16th, 2023 at 09:19 pm

Writer David Warren provides some modern wedding photo tips.

8 Wedding Photo Editing Trends You Need to Know for 2019

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The wedding photography industry has become quite competitive. With the availability of advanced and high-quality cameras, clicking good pictures has become quite easy. Hence, it’s the photography style and photo editing skills that would make a wedding photographer stand out.

With the availability of various tools, photo editing has gone to a whole new level. Every couple wants to get the best, and flawless pictures snapped at their wedding. Wedding albums open the gates of the memories and refresh the entire wedding day in the mind of the viewer. Hence, taking beautiful wedding photos is very important.

Numerous wedding photography editing styles are available in the market. Wedding photographers, with their innovative ideas and creativity, use editing styles to tell a beautiful story of the couple through their wedding photographs. The photo editing style used by the photographer generally depends on the working style of the photographer and the preferences of their clients.

As per Bestraters.com reviews, natural-looking wedding photographs can never go out of trend. Such photos are cherished by families generation after generation. On the other hand, photos edited using special effects, HDR processed might look attractive today but maybe five years down the line might lose their charm. Hence, in a wedding album, maintaining a balance between natural-looking photos and photos with special effects is very important.

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Best Photo Editing Trends in 2019

Trend no. 1: VSCO/flat and Matte

Flat and matte photos are softer. When viewing these photos, one may feel as if they are created by placing a hazy filter over the photo. This editing style works better on outdoor wedding photographs as compared to indoor photos. Sometimes, adding a little matte effect to the wedding photographs makes the image look more beautiful.

The matte effect can be added to the image using various editing techniques. The most common and the simplest way is to add the matte effect is by adjusting the Tone Curve. Points are adjusted to form an S-shaped curve.

Trend no. 2: Light Bright and Airy Photos

The most preferred and evergreen photo editing style is keeping the photos light, bright, and airy. This way, the wedding photos look more natural. In this technique, the photographer should focus more on the natural light. Overexposure should be avoided. When editing, the photographer enhances the natural light and softens the shadows.

Photos created using this technique have a bright highlight, a more natural feel, and a little contrast in them. These photos bring out the emotions of the images, which can be easily felt by the viewers. The wedding photographer should choose photo locations where there is sufficient natural light and a clutter-free background. The technique is all about using the available natural light in the best possible way.

Trend no. 3: Desaturated Elements

Under desaturated element editing style, all the bright colors in the photo are toned down. This includes the green color of the trees, bright color of roses, etc. This trend has become quite famous lately. It is mostly used to mute the bright green colors of the trees and bushes. Sometimes, photographers opt for overall desaturated elements, this tones down the skin color as well. As a result, skin appears as if it is washed out. This would give the entire image a dull appearance.

It is always advisable to desaturate only certain colors. For example, toning down the foliage color, the photo would still have a normal appearance.

Trend no. 4: Layer Editing

Layering has become a trendsetter as far as photo editing is concerned. This photo editing style allows the photographer to use their creativity and create beautiful wedding photographs. Though it seems to be simple, getting the desired results using this technique can be quite tricky. To overcome this hurdle, you may use the express template feature from popular editors like Adobe Photoshop. This feature contains various options, including lines and shapes, greetings, etc.

Trend no. 5: Mind Primary Colors

Another popular wedding photography editing style is minding the primary colors. In this, the photographer splits the image into 3-4 primary colors. In this technique, the secret lies in not to select the maximum option for the settings.  Edit the skin color and try to keep it as natural as possible.

Trend no. 6: Classical Black & White

Wedding’s classical Black and white images are evergreen. This is one trend in photography that can hardly go wrong. A wedding has lots of colorful elements attached to it, and many people feel that if edited in black and white, the image may lose lots of important details. Well, truth is if edited correctly, a Black and white editing style would give the photo a classic look.

Trend no. 7: The Proposal Shot Trend

Re-enacting the wedding proposal for a photo is a popular trend. The proposal pose is a classic and its charms never fade away. Everyone loves the proposal photo. Every viewer wants to see the magical moment where the groom gets down on the knee and proposes to the bride. Even the bride and the bridegroom want their proposal photo to be a mirror of that magical moment. Almost in every wedding bride and groom recreate their proposal memory. The trend is likely to be continued in the year 2019 as well as many coming years.

Trend no. 8: The Relaxed Wedding Trend

There was a time when a wedding used to be considered as a formal affair. Nowadays, couples, as well as their families, look at a wedding in a more relaxed manner. The aim is to enjoy the wedding without worrying about every minor detail of the wedding. Couples look forward to capturing the same feeling in their wedding images. This means they want to have informal wedding images that show their feeling of love and happiness.


There are numerous photo editing styles as far as wedding photography is concerned. While picking any editing style, think about the result and whether it would go with the client’s preference or not. The image should reflect the photographer’s style.

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