9 Important Reasons to Wake up Early

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 11:55 pm

Waking up early is awesome! Even though most of us don't do it...

9 Important Reasons to Wake up Early

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If you’ve read stories about successful people, you already know that these people are early risers. Society emphasizes on waking up early to achieve success with sayings like, “The early bird gets the worm.” Apart from society pushing the idea of waking up early, there are other important reasons to wake up early.

1. Get a Head Start and Build Your Confidence

The truth is we as humans love to compare ourselves with other people. Our confidence levels rise and fall based on how we perceive ourselves in comparison to our peers. Waking up early won’t necessarily make you better, but it can help increase your self-confidence.

As you rise early, you can prepare yourself for the rest of the day, exercise or work on your side business. You can even take this time to plan your day better. The positive feeling as you get out of bed, knowing that you’re doing more than the average person will give you a confidence boost.

2. Work in Peace

Silence is something we all take for granted. We’re so used to the noise and distractions of the day to day that we forget what it’s like to work in silence. Waking up in the early morning allows you to work in peace.

We guarantee that you’ll appreciate the silence as you work in the morning. No cars, no kids yelling, no pollution, no heat. It’s your time in the morning!

3. Get Motivated

Waking up early can help build your motivation. This is more so the case if you’re working to achieve a certain goal. The goal could be exercising or building your side business or completing college assignments. By waking up early and working towards your goal, you’ll feel even more motivated.

If you are in a habit of waking up late in the day and be awake all night, try by minimizing the things that you do during the night. Stop playing video games, watching  TV, snacking, and studying late.

It might be what you need to get into a groove and feel a certain sense of purpose. It’s important to note that you don’t need to wake up every day in the early morning to work towards your goals. You can set it up in a manner that works best for you.

Yoga in the sunrise

4. Experience the Sunrise

The sunset is beautiful. Seeing the sun says goodbye and the stars taking their place in the sky, it’s quite the sight. But we’d like to wager that seeing the sunrise can eclipse that.

There’s just something about this natural phenomenon that inspires you to go on with your day without a care. Coupled with the sunrise is the world waking up. It’s as if you watch your city come to life as the sun comes up. Light therapy has amazing proven benefits.

5. Improve Your Productivity

There are only 24 hours in a day and that’s a fact. All people live within this time frame. Millionaires and successful people don’t get extra time in a day. The one thing they do best is to utilize their time well. They make sure that they use these 24 hours effectively.

By waking up early in the morning, you squeeze some extra time in the normal 24-hour cycle. As you do this and get more productive, you’ll start noticing the cracks in your day that could be filled.

Waking up early can give you the ability to become more productive with your time. As you’ll get an understanding of how much time you waste throughout your day and how you can improve to avoid time simply slipping you by.

6. Get to Your Appointments on Time

One of the reasons you don’t make those early morning appointments is because you don’t prepare yourself early enough. The commute can also receive part of the blame as well. Waking up early will allow you to prepare for your appointments and leave on time.

You also get the advantage of having an easier commute to your destination. Traffic tends to be lighter in the early morning as it’s not the normal time for rush hour.

7. Build Discipline

Anyone that wakes up early will tell you about how torturous it felt to do that in the beginning. Getting out of your bed and getting to work while its dark outside is tough. Not only does it require motivation, but it also requires discipline.

It’s through this discipline that you’ll get out of bed and consistently do it throughout the week. Waking up early builds up your discipline, which can be important in the long run as motivation is always ever fleeting.

Young woman trying to exercise at home

8. It’s a Great Time to Exercise

There is never a better time to exercise than in the early morning. This is because you have all the time in the world to exercise. How many times have you postponed exercise in the evening due to work or last-minute events?

We all know how difficult it can be to get back in the groove after not doing exercise for a few days. In the morning, you get little to no interruptions. The people in your life (wife, kids, family) are asleep. The town is asleep. You have the time to yourself. Exercising in the early morning will allow you to get in a full workout as planned.

9. Achieve Your Goals

We all have goals in life. One of the more common goals in recent times is to start a business. Many people would like to stop the 9 to 5 grind and become more independent. That’s not just going to happen unless you work towards it.

Building a side business can be tough, especially if you have a day job. The night time isn’t great because you’re tired. The mornings offer a great alternative, you have the time to yourself, it’s silent and you can concentrate better. Waking up in the early morning can help you achieve your goals.


Waking up in the early morning is not easy. Not everyone is an early riser. We advise you to take it slow and build the habit over time. One step you can take is waking up 30 mins earlier than your usual time. Take out 30 more mins every few days and soon you’ll be an early riser too.

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