How Much Do You Need to Eat to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat?

Last updated on February 13th, 2022 at 12:04 pm

Knowing how much to eat is the key to meeting your weight loss & muscle-building goals.

How Much Do You Need to Eat to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat?

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It’s simply not possible to develop a muscular physique without eating the correct diet. The important thing is that you should be sure about what to eat and eating the right amount of it.

Overeating obviously results in obesity instead of improving the physical shape. Thus, the important factor is knowing about the correct amount you need to eat.

Apart from keeping a check on quantity, you need to keep a close eye on exactly what you’re eating. Certain foods help to build muscle while the others simply increase obesity.

Given below are some core concepts to focus on for muscle building and avoiding increase of body fat.

Avoid Processed Foods

This is a simple rule of thumb which should be remembered. Your body can only improve if you are eating things in natural form. We can go through an example to clarify this point. Eating orange in the original form would benefit you physically as it would not have any artificial components. However, orange jam is not a natural form of the fruit. It’s prepared after including several preservatives and artificial constituents. Along with that, as it has high sugar content, which could cause unhealthy weight gain.

Eating natural food is the key and this practice should be followed on regular basis. You cannot expect to get a muscular physique if you follow a healthy diet for a day or two. It should be done consistently.

Eating fried food is one of the biggest reasons for gaining weight. You can’t increase body muscle with burgers and fried chicken. The correct meal selection should be done to achieve the best results.

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Have a Diet Plan According to Targets

If you need to lose weight and get in shape seriously, the first thing you should do is have a target in mind. If you want to lose 15 kilos in three months, this would be taken as your target.

Now, it is an obvious fact that you cannot lose weight if you are eating anything and everything. Losing weight means being selective for eating options. In other words, you should focus on having healthy meals and avoiding unhealthy foods.

A diet plan has to be developed with a practical approach and not an idealistic one. Losing 15 kilos simply does not mean that you would reach the goal in one week. It would be a gradual process as weight loss takes time. You need to come up with a diet plan accordingly. The diet plan should highlight the meal you would eat, its quantity and frequency as well.

Can you reduce fat if you do not know the calorie count which has to be burnt each day? Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure is an important number to know. It is obvious that you would not be able to achieve the desired weight loss targets if you do not know about the daily energy expenditure. Here are some key points related to this calculator.

Results Produced According to Individualistic Information

The calorie count which has to be burnt at the end of each day varies from one person to the other.  Someone who has a weight of 80 kilos would find it much harder to lose 5 kilos than someone who weighs 60 kilos. This is simply because the ability to lose weight reduces when the flab increases.

Easier to Reach Weight Loss Targets

This calculator provides you with the specific calorie count which has to be burnt in every 24 hours. It becomes much easier to track the progress when users use this calculator.


It is not that hard to shed off flab if you have properly defined targets. With a TDEE calculator, you can get energy expenditure targets according to your weight, height, gender and other key parameters. This is a more practical alternative than planning things manually and keeping a check.

It is very simple to use The interface is simple and options are easy to understand. Other than that, these calculators are quick. They produce energy expenditure results within no time.


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