A Few Basics About Cabinets to Help You Design Your Kitchen

Last updated on July 4th, 2024 at 09:36 pm

Kitchen cabinets are more complicated than one might think, if you're redesigning this is a must-read for an overall understanding of which ones to choose.

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The kitchen is a very vital element in a house, designing this entity needs both the mind of a homemaker and knowledge of a interior designer. Each home has a distinctive space with halls and different dimensions of bedrooms. The kitchen interior needs to be spacious, but also should be compact. Most importantly, it should be easily accessible. We should be able to take out any item easily and find any quickly.

If the design of the kitchen cabinets don’t fulfill these criteria, then it’s a red flag! One needs to be extra careful and have basic knowledge of types of cabinets and how they can be utilized in ranging your utilities.

The Basics: 4 Types of Cabinets

  • 1. Wall cabinets
  • Full height wall cabinets
  • Base cabinets
  • Special cabinets

Let’s talk a little bit about each of these types of cabinets and how they fit within your overall kitchen design.

Wall Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets suspended, with their bottoms, nearly 18 inches above the counter spaces are referred to as Wall cabinets. Mould edges can avoid from your head to be hurt and the materials used should be stain resistant and heat resistant that can be cleaned easily. . The most common heights of wall cabinets in the market are 42”, 36”, or 32”. And 12” depth is readily available but you need to order it to install in the kitchen.

Full Height Cabinets

Cabinets start from the floor and go till the same height as of wall cabinets. They can be fixed on walls of all the rooms in the house. In kitchen cabinets “tall” cabinets are most likely used to store pantry, to fit in big appliances like ovens, to hang biog utility pans. Apart from this, the tall cabinets are used for storing mops and other utility items, hanging coats and storing boots too.

Special Cabinets

Though not part of kitchen cabinets, special cabinets should have a special mention due to their use.. These cabinets include the racks in your home bar, corner furnishings to store your needs, spice pull-outs, etc. All these cabinets are custom made according to the need and requirement.

Base Cabinets

We can term them as “heavy lifters” of the kitchen. They can handle more weight than the wall cabinets. Cookware, pots, and pans are mostly kept in these cabinets. You may also customize them to have drawers, pull over racks, lazy Susan fit inside the rack. If browsed and researched there are many models of base cabinets, required in the kitchen also a traditional way to storing foods and utensils.

Open Cabinets

This is one of the compulsory space for a kitchen with ample space, open cabinets best place to keep display of crockery and decorative items. Place it anywhere in the center or entrance lobby of the kitchen it has its own glamour.

Final Thoughts

When construction is planned, its interior is as important as its architecture. The cabinetry of the house should be planned in such a way that it accommodates every single possession of your kitchen. All types of cabinets are used in kitchen cabinets because the kitchen is a place where one tends to stock a lot is very less space and all the cabinets should be well planes and placed to avoid any hazard due to fire, oil, or short circuits. The information above will help you know the basics of cabinetry and you can plan your home along with a designer keeping your requirements in mind.

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