Why You Should use a Custom Cabinetry Pro Instead of Buying Cabinets from Big Box Stores

Last updated on October 20th, 2023 at 11:12 pm

Guest writer Kate Westall gives some good reasons to invest in custom cabinetry instead of buying prefabs.

Why You Should use a Custom Cabinetry Pro Instead of Buying Cabinets from Big Box Stores

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Custom cabinetry is not a new term in modern houses. Everyone gives importance to it as it is the part that makes your house trendy and stylish. Custom cabinets were standard in olden days also, but that was created by adhering to some standard size and designs. Now you have the option to choose the size, style, shape, and pattern of the cabinetry. Your choice of fashion will be projected through the custom cabinetry you will make in your home. This differs from purchasing from a big box store because you aren’t limited to what’s in stock.

About designing

Custom cabinetry costs a lot if compared to the other ready-made options like stock cabinetry, modular cabinetry, and others from big box retailers. This is because the designing and manufacturing of the custom cabinetry is done with the best perfection and care. It is made after knowing about the plan of the customers regarding the cabinetry. It is a time-consuming process, and accuracy is a prerequisite.

Custom cabinetry is made matching to the design of the kitchen, and can be equipped with built-in organizers, pull out racks, adjustable shelves, and roll out bases or trays for making your work more accessible. This helps in storing accessories used in a room, kitchen, or bathroom inside the cabinetry rather than putting them in a disordered manner.

The experts prepare a workable layout for custom cabinetry after taking the measurements from the kitchen or where the place cabinets are required. They work on the design from scratch, based on the requirements and layout collected. The design phase requires more care and accuracy, where the needs of the user are to be incorporated into the design by combining the creativity of an expert.

This is different from buying prefabricated cabinets where you are forced to choose cabinets that fit within a prescribed area. With custom cabinets, you rarely have to make any concession to what you want.

Requirement of cabinets

Cabinetry is mainly seen in the kitchen, but it is also a part of the bathroom and other rooms. Custom cabinetry is chosen for this as it considers the desires and needs of the customer. Cabinetry design can be made according to the style you have used to decor the room where the cabinet has to be installed. Cabinetry can be made of different shapes and sizes according to the room decor and the place of keeping it.

Material selection of cabinetry

Cabinets are made from various materials, but you should not choose the material just by the appearance. The factors like durability and quality of materials are most important. For custom cabinetry, the material selection must be based on the discretion of the consumers. The material used in this process must not be exposed to the dirt on it and they must be cleaning friendly. You need to keep these accessories clean and maintained, so that the elegant and stylish look of the room stays as it is.

Installation process

Custom cabinetry installation is designed and manufactured by the experts, who can create a masterly layout with the measured details of the room where the cabinet will be placed. Accurate and perfect measurements will help in the excellent design creation. Cabinetry is to be attached accurately, keeping the coherence of your home decor. Custom cabinetry design and installation costs are often found costlier but their intricacy makes them worth buying and investing in making them.


Cabinetry is a part of every house from the old days, and currently, the trendsetter in this field is custom cabinetry. Even though it is a costly process, it is preferred by the homemakers as it offers the facility of organized home.  It not only add good look but these accessories often enhance room decor, space utility, and well placed storage, etc. Check online for wide variety of style and storage management and you will get to custom-build innovative custom cabinetry for your space.

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