Facebook Locked me out of my Account and Then Asked me to Email them A Photo ID to Unlock It

Last updated on November 9th, 2020 at 04:34 pm

Facebook locked me out of my account for trying to update my security settings, then asked me to upload a scanned passport as proof of my identity to unlock it. This is dangerous.

I almost never use my Facebook account. So a few days ago when I decided to log in, I wasn’t surprised to see a bazillion notifications and some missed messages. I marked them all as read and then signed off. A few minutes later I logged into a remote server for one of my freelance projects as a writer. During that remote session, I decided to log back into Facebook because I wanted to double-check one of my notifications.

And that’s when Facebook decided to lock my account. I put in the right password. The lock decision was automatically made simply because I signed in from 2 different locations within a few minutes of each other.

While I can understand the system being a little cautious for multiple logins, I know several people who are signed into Facebook from different locations at the same time pretty regularly. They’re logged in at home. They’re logged in on their work computer. And they’re logged in on their phone. All at the same time.

Facebook Wants WHAT??

Back to my home computer where I was just logged into Facebook, I tried to log in again and was taken to a page asking me to confirm my identity. It looks something like this:

What really blew my mind was what happened when I clicked Continue:

Facebook literally wanted me to upload a photo ID. And it gets better – click Continue one more time and look at the photo IDs they accept:

You’re not reading that wrong folks. Who in their right mind would upload one of these IDs to Facebook’s servers?

Privacy Concerns Abound

Facebook’s reputation for protecting user data is abysmal so it’s pretty obvious that I’m not going to be sending my personal information to them just to unlock my account (which they locked even though I was legitimately logging into it).

And do they really need this information? They didn’t ask for this information when I signed up. All they asked for was an email address – an email address I still use and have access to. That should be all the confirmation they need.

Sure they do have another list of things you can send them to prove your identity, of which I sent 2 of those things (a piece of mail and a bank statement with critical info blacked out) – but neither of them were good enough (even though they’re on the list Facebook provides).

Bye Bye Facebook!

As a result of this whole debacle, I’ve decided that I’m not even going to put forth any additional effort to get my account unlocked. I’m lucky I don’t use Facebook much. In fact, it’s been almost a year since I last posted something. But I can’t imagine being in a position where your entire life for years has been recorded on Facebook and suddenly all of that is being held hostage unless you give them something that would allow anyone in the room to steal your identity.

The part that kicks me though is since Facebook doesn’t believe I am who I say I am, I can’t even have them delete my information. Can you imagine having your pictures and videos all online and you can’t even get them to remove it?

If you’ve ever wondered why Facebook is constantly in trouble, all you have to do is scroll up and look at those screenshots again and ask yourself… is it reasonable for a social network to ask for such identification? And, if the answer is no, then you might want to consider leaving Facebook as well.

Oh, so for all my Facebook stalkers, I probably wasn’t going to return your messages anyway – but now I have a legitimate excuse!

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5 thoughts on “Facebook Locked me out of my Account and Then Asked me to Email them A Photo ID to Unlock It”

  1. Got an Oculus Quest for Christmas. Signed in to FB and played for a while. The next morning went to sign in and FB wants a passport, DL, Gov’t I.D. SURE THING!!! Should I send my SSN and my bank account # as well? Taking the Oculus back to the store. What a bunch of dumbasses they must think we are.

  2. I’ve had exactly the same issue it started with an email saying there was suspicious activity on my account and it was locked to unlock required me to scan passport or driving license wich I refuse to do
    I opened a Facebook lite account after a few weeks same thing
    I’m not backing down so thanks bunch Facebook

  3. Hi April
    Exactly the same here. I got a new phone and don’t log on enough to remember my password. After a few days of deliberation I decided to try and send a marriage certificate as the seemingly least risky document. That did not work. I then attempted to give a copy of a passport that was a few years old. That was denied. I also refuse to send a drivers license to them. Good bye as well! Thank you Facebook for marking my departure easy. You will be missed like the bad habit you are.

  4. Yes ! Got locked out on my Birthday. Was looking forward to all the Happy Birthday wishes from people that i only keep in touch with by Facebook. But oh well. I never was a fan of them anyway. No one should have this much power over people. So see ya, wouldn’t wanta be ya!

  5. Facebook locked my account on August 28, 2021. They said there was “unusual activity” on my account, but they won’t say what. I sent my requested ID and a larger photo of myself and FB still won’t unlock my account. I’ve written to them several times and have resent my ID info several times. They never respond. Facebook doesn’t even have a Customer Service Department to get help! Worst company in the world. Facebook has been such a pain in the ass about this. If I ever get my account open again, I’m closing the account – period. People like me mean nothing to them because I don’t generate any money for them.

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