Convert Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Sanctuary with These 5 Tips

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Things to consider when decorating or renovating your bathroom.

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A bathroom is not just a place for you to maintain personal hygiene and fulfil certain physiological needs. It’s an integral part of your daily ritual. It’s the place that you visit as soon as you open your eyes and the last room (except for the bedroom) that you pay a visit before you go to sleep in the evening.

As such, it’s more than worth your full attention. Converting it into a relaxing sanctuary can provide you with a long list of benefits and here are five ideas on how you can achieve this goal.

1. Set the Mood with Adequate Lighting

The bathroom is an area of your home with an emphasis on privacy, this means that the influx of natural lighting isn’t as great as in the rest of your home.

When it comes to lighting, you have two major options – candles and artificial lighting fixtures. Candles are a great way for setting the mood, however, replacing them and acquiring them is one additional chore. Sure, getting a scented candle can further enhance the area by providing you with an option for aromatherapy.

As far as the electrical fixtures go, it would be for the best if you were to provide the area with a layered lighting system. This way, you can selectively change the light scheme of the room according to your current needs.

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2. Adding Something Green

When planning a theme for a relaxing bathroom-sanctuary, you’re probably imagining something oasis- or woodland-shrine-like. The thing you have to notice about this is the fact that both of these phenomena are out in the open, surrounded by nature and wild growth.

So, how do you emulate these conditions indoors? It’s quite simple, you add some bathroom plants to the mix. There are so many amazing opportunities for a hanging vine or a self-standing plant that can be placed somewhere in the corner.

You can even take this one step further and buy an interesting moss mat. This mat is composed of moss that sustains itself off the moisture that slides off your body after the bath. It really doesn’t get any more self-sustaining than that.

3. Fabric Provides Coziness

Previously, we’ve discussed floor mat made out of moss but for a lot of people, this is too coarse and what they’re aiming for is something softer, something cozy. So, go for a softer mat or a bathroom rug instead.

Other than this, you should be careful when inspecting the fabric of your towels and make sure to get just the softness that you need. For a perfect post-shower ritual, you should go for sophisticated Turkish towels, that are something else entirely.

An elegant bathrobe is also something that you want to consider getting in order to close the circle and create an end-to-end bathroom experience.

Hot Water Shower Cabin

4. Tactile Senses are the Key

The enjoyment of feeling warm or refreshing water down your skin is the main reason why people associate the bathroom area with the sensation of relaxation, to begin with. There are several things that you can do in order to further enhance this idea and get exactly what you need.

First, you should consider getting a rain showerhead. This will help you evoke the sensation of standing beneath a soft stream, somewhere out in nature.

A freestanding tub, your other incredible option, is a perfect way to emulate the scenario of taking a dip in a warm forest well, hidden from the rest of the world. Either of these two methods can help enhance your immersion.

5. Keep it clean

Order and chaos have an effect on our psyche, regardless if we’re aware of this or not. According to some studies, mess contributes to one’s sense of anxiety. One doesn’t even have to suffer from an OCD in order for this to take place. If nothing else, witnessing this mess alone can cause one to shift mental focus from rest and relaxation to additional chores (in terms of cleaning up the bathroom) that await them afterward.

So, in order to make your bathroom into a really relaxing sanctuary, you need to place an emphasis on cleaning up the place as thoroughly and regularly as you could.

In Conclusion

This doesn’t have to be the end of your efforts to enrich your bathroom experience. Having a great soundtrack composed of relaxation music and ambient noises can further enhance the time you spend in your bathroom.

If this is a relaxation or a recharge room, this way, you can increase the level of comfort that you receive in such a short time span. Since this is a major quality of life improvement, converting your bathroom is an upgrade that you will soon feel in every other aspect of your life, as well.

You will enjoy your time at home more, be less on the edge and go to work fully charged every single day.

Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.


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