10 Bridal Accessories You’ll Need on Your Wedding Day

Last updated on July 4th, 2024 at 09:36 pm

Here's your basic checklist for all the things you'll need to look your best on your wedding day.

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Wedding is one of the best days in every girl’s life and as such we expect it to be perfect. However, perfection requires a lot of thought and preparation as well as thinking ahead.

Besides the dreamy wedding dress and the wedding rings, there are some other essential bridal accessories we mustn’t forget about. We need to make sure everything goes well together. Take a look at some amazing tips to looking your best on your wedding day.

1. Elegant Wedding Shoes

When speaking about the bridal accessories you’ll need on your wedding day, most brides will agree that shoes are definitely at the top of the list. As you will be wearing them for a large part of the day, you need to make sure that they are comfortable enough besides being elegant and chic.

You’ll also take into consideration the venue, as it will determine whether you’ll be able to wear high heels or whether you’ll need to stick to flats, which are more appropriate for grass or sand.

2. Sophisticated Jewelry

Wearing the right jewelry completes your whole bridal look. There are so many pieces we can choose from, including necklaces, bracelets and earrings, we just need to choose the best one for our personalized bridal look. For example, if your wedding dress is closed upfront and it has an open back, it would be best to wear some sophisticated earrings.

Consider getting an ear piercing in order to be able to do that. You can even go for a more modern ear piercing and choose some popular spots for piercing your ears – with the right jewelry it can also look elegant.

3. Outstanding Hair Accessories

Hair accessories need to be chosen carefully to match the other jewelry pieces. You can choose from different types such as hairbands, tiaras, veils, birdcages, crystal combs, zirconium pins, bows, halos, feather fascinators, fresh or artificial flowers as well as other chic headpieces.

4. Sexy Bridal Lingerie

As this is a very special day, such should be the lingerie as well. You can choose some sexy, lace undergarments, but you need to be careful about choosing the right strapless bra or bustier as well as underwear that won’t leave pant lines on your wedding dress. Seamless underwear does the trick here.

Beautiful sexy lady in elegant blue robe and garter

5. Traditional Garter for Good Luck

Wearing a wedding garter is a tradition that many brides like to fulfill. You can wear some heirloom and it can be your something old, or you can wear a blue garter and it can be your something blue.

6. A Suitable Cover-Up

In case of chilly nights, or weddings in autumn and wintertime, every bride should choose a suitable cover-up. It can be a lace bolero, a faux fur cover-up, a big shawl, or perhaps a more modern option: a leather or denim jacket with personal writing on it.

7. Bridal Purse or Clutch

Choosing a bridal purse is essential as it is not only a nice detail to your outfit but also a place to hold all the essentials you might need. These include a hand mirror, perfume, lipstick and tissues.

8. Gloves for a Vintage Look

If you’re going for a vintage or boho look, gloves are a classic choice. You can opt for some fingerless lace gloves, which you won’t have to take off during the ring placement part, or you can choose some classic, Audrey Hepburn style.

9. Sash to Add Some Style

Wedding dresses that have some crystal or zirconium details are quite expensive. If you’ve chosen a simple dress, you can make it stand out with a nice sash. Some popular options include a glamorous crystal sash belt or a nature-inspired sash featuring flowers and leaves. One is for sure, a sash emphasizes your waist.

10.The Wedding Bouquet

Another important bridal accessory is surely the wedding bouquet. It needs to be chosen carefully to complement your whole bridal look. Make sure you have two, one that you will toss and one that’s a keeper.

Planning a wedding is a tiresome job as there are so many things and details to think about. And choosing the right wedding dress as well as all the accompanying accessories is as challenging as organizing the wedding itself. In order to make sure that everything is perfect, you need to do thorough research online, try out different things and take your time.

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