10 Makeup Tips to Learn From the Professionals

Last updated on October 11th, 2023 at 09:46 pm

Watching what your makeup artist does and asking questions can help you fill the gaps yourself between professional visits.

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Every time you go to a professional makeup artist is an opportunity to learn bits and pieces of their expertise. You can learn a lot just by watching and practicing what you learned the next time you have to do your own makeup.

Don’t shy away from asking a lot of questions because talking about makeup is always better than any other topic (hint: gossiping). We’ll discuss what we’ve picked up from makeup artists below so that you can try them at home.

Always Prep Your Face the Night Before

The key to flawless makeup is flawless skin. You have to prep your face the night before an important event or follow a regular weekly pampering routine for flawless everyday makeup application.

If your skin is well prepped, you will also speed up your beauty routine. Before the big event, exfoliate your face and use a hydrating and plumping face mask. If your skin is dull, use a sheet mask with Vitamin C. If your skin is normal, use a hydrating and revitalizing sheet mask with hyaluronic acid.

If It’s an Important Event, Don’t Experiment with Products You’ve Never Used

A makeup artist will never use a product they haven’t tried before so you also shouldn’t. If you need to update your makeup collection, do it in time so you’ll have enough time to test the products. If you’ve been waiting for that special event to buy new products, try to at least test the products before the event. Otherwise, stick to products you’ve either owned previously so you’ll restock on those. You can also stick to the product you currently have and not make any risky decisions.

For a Fuller Pout, Use a Lip Colored Pencil

A professional makeup artist is the master of deception when it comes to fuller puts. This trick is easy if you have a lip pencil that is as close to your lip color as possible. You can easily enhance your pout by slightly overlining your lips with a lip pencil and filling in the color with a lipstick that is a slightly lighter shade.

Just slightly, so you’ll create a balanced look and achieve the visual effect you wanted. The key here is to create a natural look so your lips look naturally fuller. Stick to natural shades like dark pink, mauve, cappuccino, and nude to perfect a fuller pout.

Too Much Blush? Don’t Rub it Off

Blush can be either your friend or the enemy. If it’s done correctly, it will accentuate your features. If you overdo it, it’s time to do some damage control. Professional makeup artists would never rub the excess off, so you shouldn’t either. Instead, cut the colour down by adding a thin layer of foundation over. Dab everything in gently with a beauty blender and you’ll forget that you went overboard with blush in the first place.

Full frame blush palette with brush

Do Your Eyes Before Applying Foundation

Always do your eyes before you apply foundation. This is especially important if you’re going for a more dramatic smoky eyes look or if you’re using heavily pigmented colors. The issue here is that your eyeshadow can leave traces on your cheeks and ruin your perfect foundation. By doing your eyes first, you will easily remove eyeshadow fallout with a few strokes.

Learn From Them to Boost Your Own Skills

Let’s be honest, professional makeup artists are all the rage now because women want to look flawless every day and during important events. Makeup artistry has never been as popular as it is today because makeup artists are in demand and it’s a great way to earn additional income.

If the tips we’ve covered just aroused your interest, you can also enroll in a beauty academy and become a professional makeup artist yourself. It’s a valuable skill to learn because you’ll know how to adapt a makeup look to your features and also turn it into a lucrative profession.

Primer is Your Ally

Prime your face, scrub and hydrate your lips and prime your eyelids before makeup application. A suitable primer can make your makeup last while also priming your skin for long-lasting makeup. The same goes for eyeshadow primer as it also ensures longer-lasting results. A lip scrub will remove dead skin so your lips won’t look chappy and dry.

Foundation First, Concealer Second

Always apply your foundation first, and concealer second. Not the other way around. The reason behind this is that your foundation is most likely to dissolve concealer and ruin all your efforts. So, when you apply foundation first, you’ll know which areas need a bit more support in the form of a concealer. Use a concealer to highlight certain areas and to fix your complexion.

Set Your Lipstick

We’ve already said that you should prep your lips for a flawless lipstick application. But, you should also ensure your lipstick stays in place by setting it. The way professional makeup artists do this is to line the lips with a lip liner and apply the first coat of lipstick. Next, remove the excess by gently blotting your lips with a tissue, reapply the lipstick and blot the excess once again. The last step is to gently add a touch of translucent powder to set it all in.

Blot the Shine Away

As your day goes by or as the event is in full swing, your skin will inevitably shine through after a while. Depending on your skin type and whether the foundation is suitable for your skin type, this can happen sooner or later. The secret professional makeup artists use is to blot the shine away with blotting paper. So, if you feel like your face is shinier than it should be, blot the excess oils away. Just remember that oil is a natural occurrence and it keeps your skin from drying out so try not to overdo it.

While every makeup artist has their own tips and tricks, they will all agree on these ten we’ve mentioned here. Every makeup tip is worth trying out, so go ahead and lay with your makeup brushes and your makeup collection.

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