Tue. Dec 11th, 2018

3D Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

We folks here at ZestyThings are tattoo lovers. Our writers have tattoos; we love the artwork and deep meaning that come with the ink. Over the past few years, we’ve been seeing a lot of tattoos that incorporate ultra realistic 3D images that provide an artistic depth rarely seen. Here are some of the most amazing 3D tattoos you’ll ever see. Give you any ideas for new tattoos you might want?

Skin Rip: Internal mechanics and biology combined for a full cyborg look

3d-tattoo-25 tattoos

Perspective: Single point perspective creates a 3D effect of infinite depth

3d-tattoo-23 tattoos

Skin Rip: Internal mechanics and biology plus incredibly realistic metallic effects make this one look like the real thing

3d-tattoo-24 tattoos

Perspective: Detail in the eyes plus the depth of shading from the metal work give depth that is rarely achieved in a tattoo


Skin Rip: Three separate layers of work in the mechanical design of this tattoo are the key to its overwhelming complex look


Depth: A combination of shading and light colored ink provide the elements that make this tattoo appear to literally sink into to the skin


Decorative: The use of light colored ink, shading, and focus on a single color gives this 3D tattoo depth and a little bit of edge


Stonework Depth: Incredibly detailed grays mixed with highlights make this tattoo almost unbelievable


Stonework Depth: The depth in this tattoo is achieved with detailed grays over a darkened background making the stonework appear to stand out


Perspective: Single point perspective creates the 3D effect while infinite depth is achieved using contrasting colors that are purposely less detailed to give the illusion of distance

3d-tattoo-14 3d tattoos

Stonework Depth: The depth in this tattoo is achieved with detailed grays over a darkened background making the stonework appear to stand out


Stonework Depth: The depth in this Aztec tattoo is achieved with detailed grays mixed with intense shading of every square inch of the piece


Skin Rip: Smooth metallic effects for the internal mechanics provide the 3D cyborg look

3d-tattoo-10 3d tattoos

Skin Rip: The key to this tattoo is the shading work around the skin rip sections that make the artwork appear to be deep inside the leg


Skin Rip: Not as much depth as some of the other tattoos in this series but the armor under the skin is where the real magic happens


Decorative: The shadow of the monarch butterfly is clearly what makes this one look so real – at first glance one might think a real monarch is standing there


Skin Carving: Deep blacks and light colored ink make this tattoo seem as if the design was literally cut into the flesh


Skin Rip: The dark background with multiple layers and striking white work on the highlights make this piece one of the most incredible ones ever

3d-tattoo-01 3d tattoos