Wed. Feb 20th, 2019

Running The Seasons – Runner’s Time Lapse Video

This time-lapse video of stitched together clips shows Jeff Dougherty’s regular running route throughout the seasons as he prepped for the Madison Marathon.

Image Credit: YouTube

Jeff Dougherty was prepping for the Madison Marathon in Montana and wanted to capture the run on time-lapse video. In preparation, he began to record some of his shorter runs throughout the year. After stitching them together and applying some major stabilization to the video along with some music, what resulted was this mesmerizing video on YouTube which garnered almost 300,000 views within the first couple weeks.

Jeff’s video, Running the Seasons, has been shared by sports sites and news sites all over the world. For some of us runners, it’s almost impossible to leave this video unwatched! Makes me want to strap my phone to my chest for my next run…