4 Tips to Keep the Elderly Healthy During Flu Season

Last updated on December 18th, 2020 at 10:09 am

Flu season is always a dangerous time period for the elderly. Here are a few ways to keep them healthy throughout the year.

4 Tips to Keep the Elderly Healthy During Flu Season

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The flu season is approaching, and some seniors are afraid for their lives. If you’re a caretaker or someone who spends time with older family members, it’s vital to keep the elderly healthy during flu season and find new ways to boost their immune system.

Some seniors are stubborn, and they often refuse to get a flu shot. Although it is of great importance to try to change their perspective, keep in mind that you can apply various methods that will restore their health and boost the immune system.

Receiving an annual flu shot is the best protection against the virus, but if they manage to take better care of themselves, they’ll be able to stay on their feet during peak months of flu activity.

Encourage them to Eat a Healthy Diet

There are various reasons why seniors should eat a balanced diet. It can lower their blood sugar levels, improve their cognitive skills and boost the immune system. A strong immune system will serve as a reliable defense mechanism that will prepare the body to fight off viruses and infection.

Encourage the elderly to eat more vegetables and fruits, and give them a daily dose of carbs and healthy fats. A lot of seniors have to take supplements or medications that will improve their lifestyle.

Advise them to avoid alcohol and cigarettes and talk about the importance of avoiding fatty and sugary foods.


Motivate them to Exercise Often

Not all seniors have the ability to run or walk around and create a new workout routine. Those days are behind, but you have to find a way to keep them physically active. A short walk around your neighborhood will increase their serotonin levels and help them preserve their muscle mass.

Fresh air and new stimulations will improve their mental condition and help them stay focused on simple tasks. Unfortunately, a lot of seniors don’t care about these activities, especially after they learn that simple parts of their daily routine can make them tired and more sensitive to pain.

Regular physical activity will boost their immune system, which is crucial for their health during the flu season. If the seniors in your house have enough strength to walk around the house, dedicate them some time and take them out for a walk.

Share Informative Facts that will Reduce their Anxiety

A lot of seniors are afraid that vaccines are bad for their health. Persuading them to get the annual flu shot can increase their anxiety levels. It can also discourage them from taking action to protect themselves.

They can hear a lot of negative misinformation about the vaccines and how they’re invented to make us more ill, which is why you need to communicate with them and explain the core of this problem.

Learn and share basic information about vaccines and give them the option to refuse to believe that. If you push too hard, you will break their trust, and they will never listen to your advice again. The understanding of how vaccines work will encourage your seniors to try new methods that will protect their immune system from viruses.

Inform them that the flu shots are safer than ever and that various groups of scientists have to use advanced lab equipment to test vaccines before they pack them and send these packages to all health facilities in your state.

Flu control by flu vaccine holding in hand. Flu vaccine is one key way to help keep the elderly healthy during flu season.

Vaccinate Them

If you want to sleep peacefully at night, it’s advisable to do your best to motivate them to make better choices. The flu shot is one of the most effective ways to keep the elderly healthy during flu season.

Offer your support and ask them to take the flu shot with you. Your assistance will reduce their anxiety and make them feel more comfortable and confident.

Visit their doctor first, and try not to talk about the virus all the time. They’re already scared of the global pandemic, and they don’t need more reasons to feel down and overpowered.

Some seniors are more stubborn than others, but you can make them change their mind by reminding them how much they mean to you. They will eventually give in and allow you to take them to the nearest pharmacy or their doctor’s office to get a flu shot.

Keeping the Elderly Healthy During Flu Season: Conclusion

Not all seniors are stubborn and persistent, but we have to learn how to improve their lifestyle when leaving them on their own is not the option. Keep in mind that other factors can influence the overall health of your loved ones, and they need to accept that they’re not in their best years anymore.

Support and words of encouragements are crucial because they will make your loved ones feel less lonely and more in control.

Once they take a shot, remind them that they need to wash their hands properly and clean their environment to remove viruses and germs. If they’re not in a position to clean and take care of their surroundings, hire someone to look after them and provide a safe environment for your loved ones.

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