9 Practical Home Décor Ideas for Stylish Pet-Friendly Households

Last updated on October 13th, 2023 at 10:05 pm

You can have a nice home with fragile keepsakes safely alongside pets if you follow these tips.

9 Practical Home Décor Ideas for Stylish Pet-Friendly Households

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We all love our pets very much, but you can’t argue with the fact that having dogs and cats can be tough if you want to maintain the right aesthetics and still have a pet-friendly home. But, with a few tricks up your sleeve, you don’t have to sacrifice anything – not your pets nor your sense of style. Here’s how you can have a gorgeous home that both you and your pets will love.

Be Mindful with Design

Anyone who has a collection of Murano glassware or Chinese pottery will want to display it in their home. However, your pet can literally shatter your dreams in one swipe of a tail. If you’re not keeping your decoration protected in a closed cabinet, your crystals can quickly become a pile of shards. Of course, you don’t have to give up your fine objects, just be mindful when placing them and keep your pet’s habits in mind.

How about Tanned Leather Furniture?

A leather couch can add a punch of sophistication to any space, so why not invest in one? A tanned leather sofa can withstand most accidents and take a lot of scratching and beating from your furry friends, yet still look attractive and rich. Plus, you can always just wipe it off and vacuuming is a breeze.

Beagle puppy chewing on a dog snack
Providing your puppy a chew toy may help them avoid chewing furniture

Make your House Chew-Proof

If you have a young puppy at home, be prepared for its chewing phase. Choose furniture that won’t be pleasant to chew like chairs with metal legs (or do some DIY and protect the wooden chair legs). This way, your pup will lose any desire to chew on the home décor.

Add Ottomans for Access

If you have pets that are small or old, they probably have a hard time climbing onto the sofa or bed. While you can install some sort of pet stairs, they usually look very ugly and stubbing your toe on them is a real danger.

Instead, you can grab a few low ottomans for easy access (these look good in every rustic and Boho space). If you combine them with rugs for extra traction, none of your pets will have to struggle anymore and your house will still look stylish.

Choose the Right Rug

A good rug can completely change the look of any room. With its ability to anchor the furniture and tie everything together, a rug is a must-have design element of every home. However, when you have pets, it can be tricky to choose the right carpet. Luckily, there are rugs specially designed for pet owners and they can survive all sorts of accidents, pet odors and regular washing and vacuuming.

The same goes if you have a balcony or patio that needs some softness. It’s not hard to find beautiful Miss Amara rugs that are durable, mold and sun-resistant and still look amazing. If your pup likes to hang outside and chill in the sun, this rug will provide some extra comfort.  Also, all of these rugs can be layered for that chic and stylish look popular in many Boho spaces.

Invest in a Throw Blanket

If you don’t like the idea of leather furniture, you can always protect your sofa with a stylish blanket. Something machine-washable and patterned will be easy to clean yet bring a lot of interest to your space.

Provide Plenty of Storage

Having pet toys all over the house is not a good look. So to take care of this issue, grab a basket or a chest to keep all the toys hidden yet easy to access.  If you have the time and patience, you can even train your pets to return the toys to the storage space!

Houseplants on the edge
Houseplants could be a danger for pets

Watch out for Plants

Having indoor plants at home is one of the biggest trends in interior design since the beginning of time. Plants add color and freshness and bring life to your space, but some can actually be harmful to your pets. Check out the list of toxic plants and see if you have some at home. If yes, make sure to donate your plant to one of your pet-less friends or family members.

Finish up with Scented Candles

Even if you vacuum every day and bathe your dog regularly, pet aromas have probably infiltrated your home and you don’t even notice it. So if you often have guests, make sure to fire up your fragrance diffuser or light up a scented candle (there are special types that kill pet odors and refresh your space).

You don’t have to sacrifice style in order to make your pets comfortable and loved. These design tips will certainly help you create a gorgeous space everyone will love, including your pets, so make a list, hit the stores and equip your house with these pet-friendly design elements.

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