7 Health-Related Reasons to Install a Water Filter in Your Home

Last updated on October 11th, 2023 at 09:39 pm

If you're thinking about whether it's worth it to install a whole-home filtration system, here some more benefits to chew on.

7 Health-Related Reasons to Install a Water Filter in Your Home

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Nowadays, filtered water is standard in most households. You will probably find such a filter in every house of your neighbors, ranging from cheap filters from the store to expensive water systems.

The water in your home plays an important role in the daily needs of you and your family. A water filtration system filters water to purify it. It is a filtration system that treats water where the main water line enters your home to ensure that the water flowing from every faucet, every showerhead, and even in your washing machine is clean and filtered.

What are the benefits of installing a water filtration system in your house?

1. Clean and Safe Water to Drink or Cook

If you drink water directly from the tap without first filtering it, there is a risk that the water you are drinking is dangerous. Harmless concentrations of chlorine and other water treatment chemicals should ideally be present in treated water.

Water filters improve the quality of water by removing unwanted impurities such as sediment, taste and odor, hardness, and bacteria. By using water filters, the water that flows from your taps is safe to drink and cook with.

2. Healthy Hair and Skin

Tap water can contain harmful substances such as hormones, fluoride (depending on whether you think it’s beneficial or not), nitrates, chlorine and other allergenic bacteria. These substances can cause common but underestimated skin irritation when you wash your clothes with tap water because they stick to the clothes.

The water in the shower and washing machine can be cleaned by the filter system to prevent damage to the skin. You can get into the shower or bath without fear of dry skin or hair.

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3. Save Money by not Buying Bottled Water

Some people prefer to buy bottled water rather than tap water because they don’t like the taste. Constantly buying bottled water can be very expensive. Some of the bottled water brands are Aquafina, Evian, Mountain Valley, Smartwater, Fiji, Dasani, Voss, and Pure Life. They are branded and more expensive to have in the house than filtered water.

4. Plumbing Fixtures Require Less Maintenance

The chemicals in the water damage pipes and other fixtures by causing rusting of the fixtures from iron and scale, as well as other damage such as erosion to the pipes from other metals. The minerals also affect toilets, bathtubs, showerheads, dishwashers, washing machines, and water dispensers.

Thanks to the reverse osmosis system used by whole-home filters, the water becomes cleaner. But what is reverse osmosis? It is a method of water filtration that removes impurities such as chlorine, salt, and dirt from drinking water by passing the water through a semi-permeable membrane (a plastic lining).

RO water filters protect the pipes and fixtures in your home from damage caused by hard water or other contaminants.

5. Clean Water has a Positive Impact on the Environment

Every plastic that enters the environment is plastic pollution, from bottles and bags to less obvious sources like tea bags and clothing. Plastic remains in the ecosystem for many years, endangering species and spreading pollutants, and is a second factor in global warming.

Using water filters saves the environment because you don’t have to buy plastic water bottles, which are the enemy of nature. Plants, animals and people all benefit from clean water.

6. More Tasty Water

Since clean water is one of the most important fluids for the human body, increased water consumption can have a positive effect on overall health.

Every time you open the faucet in your home with a whole-house water filter, you’ll enjoy the clear, fresh taste of pure water.

7. Save Money by Saving on Detergents

Water with a high concentration of minerals can reduce the use of soap. By installing a water filtration system, you may find that appliances like your washing machine and dishwasher clean more effectively. As a result, your clothes and dishes will be cleaner, your appliances will no longer suffer from mineral deposits, and you will save money.


Nowadays, certain items are indispensable in our kitchens because healthy living is crucial. Water filters are an important part of any household for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they purify water and make it safer to use for drinking, cooking, and showering. Clean water hydrates our bodies and hair, making them less prone to irritation. If we have a filtration system for the water, we can save money and protect the environment by using less soap and detergent.


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